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Which weapon combination do you use ?

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2h crossbow
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2 1 handers. I still want to know if the 2hand/Quiver is viable dps wise.
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i use a heavy dmg 2 handed crossbow+quiver, the stats they put up are amazing, and i rely mostly on multishot, which benefits greatly from the high dmg slow 2hander, im at 4200 dmg +/- at lv 51 nightmare act4, right before diablo, im pretty much 2 shotting anything, meaning 2 multishots, ofc champs and tougher ones not, but most the trash just dies in a whistle
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2 1h, i just like seeing two glowing crossbows. no other reason than that.
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2h bow + quivver

level 42
1400~ dps
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i use 2 1-handed crossbows and the only reason i do that is because i here a lot of people are using them and im a sheep
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For the first time ever (at level 53) I'm finally using an xbow. I got a great one from the vendor and then I decided to finally sell some stuff on the AH and saw that someone put up a really good xbow for only 13.5k so I jumped all over it. finally buffed me to over 5k dps (I don't stack sharpshooter).
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86 Worgen Druid
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Used to be all about the 1h'ers until in NM, low dmg finally got on my nerves. After doing a bit of research I used a 2hxbow/quiver. This was pretty nice, upped DPS by about 700. Then I changed to sharpshooter 2hbow/quiver. I will never go back... added 1000 DPS ontop of that.

Overall, dmg increase was 1700dps. Too insane to pass up imho.
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90 Human Mage
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Whatever has the better stats. However, been rolling a 2h+quiver from act4 normal to act1 hell.
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I use this build with a 1H axe and shield. Does huge dmg. Was able to solo act 4 in Nightmare pretty easily.
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I use whatever combination will result in the highest DPS. During Normal/Nightmare it was generally 2 x 1h. Hell onwards, 2h Bow + Quiver has pretty much always come out on top unless I found a far superior 2h xbow.
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I used a 1h and quiver until act 2ish NM, then found a nice 2h xbow with sick dmg. But I I just couldn't take the slow Att speed. For me I think 2h BOW + quiver is the best combo. It's the best of both worlds, it's reasonably fast and deals decent damage (of ourselves less dmg then 2h xbox and less speed than 1hs)
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2hbow +quiver
lvl 42 2000 dps
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85 Worgen Hunter
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I like fast attack speed. So either a Bow+quiver or 2 1hand. Depends on which dps is higher and my luck in finding weapons
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