Diablo® III

2H Crossbow vs 2 1H cossbows vs Crossbow+quiv

What do you like to use?

Personally I seem to like crossbow + quiver.
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I cannot stand how slow-paced the cross bow seems, its too slow compared to two 1hxbows
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Idk I'm trying all these to see what I like. Would love to see some comments on this tho
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I was Checking that Today Because a lot of people recommend A Good 2 Hand but When I go to Equip it My Damage drops a lot. So i still like double 1 Handed with Socket slots and ruby for more damage.
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I did normal and most of nightmare with 1handers, end of nightmare I used an xbow since I found a rather ridiculous one. Start of hell I used a bow with a not too shabby quiver I had made. Overall I prefer bows now only if you have a really nice quiver, I wouldn't mind switching back to 1handers if you can find basically identical dps ones which is going to cost you more in the long run if you use AH.

Bow w/goodQ > 1handers with same deeps> xbow.

In the end go with whatever is the highest damage you can fine.
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Bow for Solo, it's a good balance between Damage and Attack Speed allowing me to kite almost anything and still put out strong DPS and not immediately burn through all my hatred.

For groups I prefer the 2h Crossbow because kiting is rarely required and I can spam my spenders almost indefinitely.
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To be Honest I Prefer the Crossbow + Quiver option, because the quiver adds so much stats and passives and if you have a good crossbow you can do tons of damage. My current DPS is 1950-2000 with a Crossbow+Quiver and im in Act III at Nightmare Difficulty.
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