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Hey all, I'm a level 52 Hell 2x1H DH with around 10k DPS (Sharpshooter ON) and around 6k ish without.
I wondering which stats are the priority, as "Crit Damage %" affixes increase my DPS by huge numbers, but obviously when sharpshooter has maxed.
Basically I need to know the best way of maximising DPS (forgetting VIT for a sec) with both sharpshooter on and off by looking at:

Crit Chance/Damage
%+ATT Speed
+x-y Damage

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Lets for a second assume Sharpshooter is off, having it at 100% is entirely unrealistic unless you teleport from town right to a boss.

So DEX is increasing your damage by a percentage. Lower DPS weapons benifit less than high DPS ones, so early in the game it isn't that good but later on it's great.

Crit Chance is probably going to be better than Crit Damage due to very low Crit chance. Crit chance gains a boost in power if you're using a 2h xbow and Crit Damage with 1h (assuming Archer passive).

+Damage is kind of inverse to DEX. It starts off early by being incredibly strong. Even a 1-2 damage item can be better than 10 or 20 DEX because the base damage on weapons is so low. Later on, you might seen 10-30 or even higher increases, but when items have upwards of 100 DEX on them, the flat modifier isn't even close.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty tired, haven't slept in a long time so I may not be giving 100% accurate information.
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