Diablo® III

HDD Major-Stuttering Solved (not micro-Stutt)

it seems a promising solution for now, might try this later..I only have 500gb external HDD. Hope it works.
Yes, I copied those to a 8gb usb stick and I created a .bat to link those files every time I want to play
Congratulations For Fix. tomorrow ill test and post here results. Very thx. hope this works
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EDSTROYER, i have a question. For now i just have here a sd with 4gb, if i copy just some mpq files to Sd, this could work? or this just works if i put ALL PASTE into SD?
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if i do not copy this files: clientdata.mpq, audio.mpq and cutscene.mpq i will be able to use my 4gb sd, but the question is, can this work without these 3 files on sd?
Copied my entire game directory to a 32gb thumbdrive. After setting my process affinity to two cores and setting the priority to realtime, I've been able to finally run Diablo III at a crisp 60fps with no stutter save for a tiny bit of slowdown during huge fights.
This really works. Thanks OP. Now I'd like to get a usb 3.0 flash drive. Those babies get 70 mb transfer rates whereas my old one barely manages 20.
what is the process for copying the entire game over to an SD?
Guys, i copy just texture.mpq to a 4GB SD, and did the process using MKLINK, but did not work =\. Im still laging and sutering. WHY? Just all mqp's togheter can solve it? PLEASE Some one ask me please!


a SD card works or just a PEN DRIVE?
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does it work with a usb 500 gb hdd?
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So I did this and i guess i have another issue. I have been playing so great since launch and the past 2 days are literally unplayable. I am going to link a video i took on my phone of this !@#$ so that you can see what is going on with mine and see if you have any suggestions.


This IS NOT a keylogger or spam this is my actual video that makes me wanna punch a kitten.
Didn't fix it for me, guess I have a microstuttering issue with vsync then.
how to i revert this if i want to?
Guys, remember: back-up before make changes.

Im using a SD CARD at laptop and this is not working, im not copying all files, please some one can ask me here?
yeah how do i revert it. it didnt solve the issue.
/\ biitchboi why did not work? did u use pen drive ? did u copy all MPQ files? did u usems dos to do new entries?
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yes i did everything correctly. nvm about that. i just want to revert it back to original and not map it away anymore

any idea how to do that?
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It has to do with how the game loads data, I'm pretty sure. Instead of loading all the data in Act 1 lets say, it just grabs it when it needs it, thus the stuttering unless you have a VERY fast HD. I think they could fix the problem if they were to load the game before each act, load all the data in there. I don't care if its slow like SC II's, but I'd imagine it would help with the stuttering, pretty sure it would eliminate all of them. I guess that is a lot of work of going about doing this idea, and they probably won't without changing thousands lines of code.
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