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Is this a bug? I thought DEX increase DH atk

So i was playing around some gears and i came across this.
So why is it that i have my damage increase when i wear the grip defiance with no dex removing my glad mongoose with 63 dex?
I dont get it.

I give away 63 dex and gain more firepower?
Take a look at picture
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Attack speed
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it's just a rounding issue...

yep clearly rounding is the problem
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Dual wielding with increased attack speed would probably say why.
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First off, never compare an item with sharpshooting active. The calculator isn't even considering the 3% crit chance on the mongoose gloves because your already at max crit. The damage figures in all of the stats that increase damage. So the gloves will give you 63% increase in damage so if your weapon damage averaged at 600 it would increase the amount of damage you deal by 378 damage per shoot. You shoot 1.84 shoots a second so this is an increase of 695 damage total. The other gloves have attack speed on them. This buff would increase your attack speed by .192. Your damage is probably around 9000 when at normal crit so the attack speed will add an average of 1728 damage.

This is quick math so it may be wrong in some areas. This also doesn't consider that you may want to attack faster or hit harder so you have to consider those things yourself.
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Ok ok.. Sorry for ignorance, i was focus on DEX DEX DEX and i was disregarding aspd. So i should just stay for that additional damage right
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If the game says it's a dps increase then its right about 80% of the time. Only when your doing a crit build or a high hatred spending build which wants attack speed should you think about what you want otherwise if the game says more then its more. I would first turn off sharpshooter and then check to see which one gives more damage, then decided.
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This might come from the +crit chance calculated on top.

Blizzards math never was lazy - everything connects to eachother. There is NO coincidence in Blizzard games. Never was.
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