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Hell build! Need help!

i've been struggling with hell mode for quite a while now and i just keep dieing! im only ont he first act and i just cant seem to beat it!

im level 51 demonhunter
(nearly 52)

my loadout is this:


(1) Companion : Ferret Companion
(2) Sentry : Spitfire Turret
(3) Vault : Tumble
(4) Rain of Vengeance : Dark Cloud


(1) grenades: stun grenades
(2) Rapid Fire : Fire Support

Passive skills

(1) Vengenace
(2) Grenadier
(3) Archery
My gear is as follows:-

Helmet: Aughilds Brow
276 Armor
+54 strength
+59 intelligence
+55 vitality
+18 Fire Resistance
+ 114 armor
10% better chance of finding magical items
Square amythest in the slot giving +11% life.

Torso: Aughilds Vestments
280 armor
+ 64 vitality
+19 fire protection
+112 Armor
Regenerates 44 Life Per second
Health globes grant +98 life
Perfect amythest int he socket giving +22 vitality

amulet: Harsh Rosary
+3-6 damage
+77 strength
+ 91 dexterity
+ 41 vitality
Monsters grand +16 EXP
The stone is filled with a perfect amythest giving +22 vitality

ring(1) Glamour Grasp
+36 strength
+26 Dexterity
+58 vitality
Melle attackers take 15 danage on hit
+30 dexterity from gem

ring(2): Feral Ring Of Invasion
+45 Strength
+ 46 Dexterity
+ 24 Vitality

gloves: Cavalry Defiance
194 armor
+55 Dexterity
+ 64 vitality
+ 22 cold resistance
Regens 34 life per second
Monsters kill grant +17 exp
Health Globes Grant + 1823 life
1.7% Chance to stun on hit

xbow:Rotting Shot
214-292 dammage
1.10 attacks per second

58-108 posion damage
+67 dexterity
+ 38 inteligence
+ 94 vitality
Critical hit damage increased by 35%
Square ruby in gem slot giving +13-26 damage

boots: Vagrant Claim
173 armor
+65 dexterity
+22 intelligence
+51 vitality
11% extra gold from monsters
Mellee attackers take 13 daamge per hit

pants: Vagabonds Gift
213 Armor
+75 dexterity
+9 intelligence
+14 poison resistance
Regemerates 14 life per second
Increases Gold and health pickup by 7 yards
Both gem slots = +22 vitality

shoulders:The quest
196 armor
+59 strength
+51 dexterity
+51 vitality
+ 24 arcane resistance
Monster kills grand +17 exp
Increased gold and health pickup by 7 yards

Belt: Dauntless Waistwrap
94 armor
+45 Strength
+100 vitality

Bracers: Guardian Gift
100 armor
+55 strength
+ 79 dexterity
+12% Extra gold from monsters
Regenerates 2 life per second

Quiver: Shadow Device
+90 dexterity
+53 vitality
attack speed increased by 11%
5 maximum discipline
critical hi chance increased by 2.5%


Strength: 430
Dexterity 891
Intelligence: 186
Vitality 886

Armor: 1950
damage: 3431.25
Health: 25836

What im looking for is a build that will work on singleplayer or multiplayer preferably a build that will keep me alive yet deal a decent ammount of ddamage!

Thanks Guys

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No smokescreen and prep, using grenadier without cluster arrow. Go rework your build.

Edit: Build I'm currently using

Smokescreen w/ lingering fog
Prep w/ battle scars
Companion w/ bat
Rain of Vengeance w/ stampede
Hungering arrow w/ devouring
Impale w/ impact

Passives are tactical advantage, sharpshooter, Archery

You can change up the pet and generator/spender, but the other ones are pretty vital. Rain of Vengeance w/ stampede is great for mass CC on elite/champ packs. Smoke Screen is necessary so you don't die. Also, I don't recommend any other discipline spenders with smokescreen, not even marked for death. You will need ever precious discipline point for it.
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The build i got through hell with is the following:

You seem to have good enough gear, but your strat looks like it needs work, as the above post said. Your damage is pretty high, so i would suggest going with a build similar to mine. Lay so much unrelenting damage that your enemies die before they get a chance to hit you.
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Thanks guys
im using a PMS buiild now so thanks for your help :D
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And when you're done realizing how much of a difference that makes....



Pick the Templar as a companion you can use him as bait, a healbot and a tank.
Change your gems to emerald except for the helm and keep that Vit%. Replace your belt. Your abilities are fairly open to change. Except for smokescreen and Prep. It's more than *kind of* a must.
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