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Life steal failing?

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Going through Act III Hell atm and Act II was pretty rough towards the end.

Was running 32K life with 3.4K DPS with around 350 Life steal per hit (dual wield) using:

currently at lvl 56

My concern is that towards the end of Hell and I'm certain throughout Inferno, Life steal is becoming less effective to just plain useless it seems. All of my health regen seems to come from my mantra and healing spells. If I fight a mob and notice how much life I'm gaining from my weapons alone I can honestly say I feel like it's a wasted stat to go for at this point.

From D2 I obviously remember how useful it was to have a certain, small even, amount of life steal to be good to go throughout the game. Something IMO a melee character clearly needs to survice in the middle of packs of monsters, as opposed to casters who deal more damage but are fighting from afar.

Someone please share their experiences and knowledge as to what I might be doing wrong considering life leach. As you can see I'm going tank dominant and even then I find myself dying more than I believe I should...and that's with the so called "bug" with insane spirit regen...it still doesn't regen fast enough to combat champion packs this far in.
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bump wtf
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I think the problem is the insane amount of damage the mobs do in Hell/Inferno to the point where lifesteal just isn't effective as it is in the lower tier difficulties.

Seems like Hell (I'm towards the end of act 3 in hell) requires you to start building resistances, armor, and a lot of regen/heal spells in order to survive. It's more and more about playing defensive rather being offensive. You have about 13k more health than me but I have about 2.2k more damage.

What mantra are you using btw?
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Lvl 58 doing 6K DPS with 37K HP. Still LL not working. All up to spells.

Mantra I use is healing with boon...pretty much forced into using it as the evading mantra only helps dodge for about 3 seconds unless you spam it. Worthless.
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Lifesteal doesn't work in this game. Mobs output too much damage compared to what is coming in. There is no viable build for Inferno, stop looking until Blizzard fix it in however many months it takes them to release a $40 expansion.
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