Diablo® III

Soloing inferno just fine.

im stacking intel,vit,+hp per hit (weapon,rings,amulet can give that)
i use 2 hand weapon, with +atk speed affix, +atk speed glove, + atk speed 1 ring.

i was at 8k dps 2 days ago, now im 16k without soul harvest.

+700 hit per hp and 2.9% dmg into hp affixes.
300-340 in all resist,
2800 armor
22k hp
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Bears hit for 20k aoe every second?

for me it does between 30-50k EACH bear, and each cast gives multiple bears, and i use a 1 hander so i can cast it very fast..so if all the bears hit the target (the ones in a row) i can do up to 150k damage each second to 1 target and ofc all targets after and before it...
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wow you guys are dealing way more damage than im dishing out. you guys crafted your gears or just bought them in GAH? I'm currently at hell mode, not struggling but I guess I'm doing it hell slow, my bears only doing 5k normal and 9k crit.

Any tips and suggestions on how to further pimp the DPS?

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If you use spirit walk in your build, you can get pile on off every time for dps with some practice. Use spirit walk and go behind your target, turn around and pop pile on. The mobs go typically go towards where you originally popped spirit walk so it normally gets a few of them if you use it in the way.

Also in inferno if you kite in narrow passages, pile on is easy to get off on mobs. Only time I find it less useful is when I do not have spirit walk to complement it or I am outside with mobs that are faster than normal.

In most situations for me I like dire bats over zombie bears. much easier to kite mobs with direbats. Unless you use the long duration spirit walk zombie bears simply doesnt work on a lot of elite packs on inferno.
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i don't get you guys.. my stats are as high or higher as all of yours, but i get one hit killed by elites in inferno.. wtf why am i so squishy!

my base dmg is 15k, my attack speed is ridiculously high (1.40 wepon + 45 ias), i have 30% critical chance for 100% critical damage (pretty much get critical hits every other time, and because of my IAS i'm literally spamming a river of bears... unreal damage)

i can kill any boss in hell in less than 25 seconds.. but for some reason i'm squishy as hell.. i have 40k life and 1k mana. i use jungle for the 20damage reduction... statwise i have armor amounting to 49% damage reduction, my res is well in the mid-high 100's, and i have a decent dodge rate.

can anyone explain to me why one or two hits from an elite results in death? boggles my mind how lopsided my build is (left click bears right click devouring locust) (mass confusion with paranoia//spirit walk with healing // soul harvest with healing)

i even made sure to have 20% faster movement so that i can kite! aghh so frustrating
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I just switched to 2handed wep and my life got way lot easier lmao
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