Was up to just before the act 1 boss when my computer lagged out (classic Aus servers), and now I can't join any public games beyond the Caverns of Aranae quest. This may be an issue in other difficulties as well, because I recall being stuck on this quest for a long time even when I was in normal. Perhaps it is a join game bug, that it won't allow me to see any quests beyond that point even though I have unlocked them, or something resulting from the lag drop. Although I was able to 'resume game' at the correct place, I couldn't join any.

In any case, I would like to suggest an improvement on the 'join game' feature which places you in a group closer to where you actually are in that quest rather than the very beginning. This would help stop repetition of the same quest. The number of times I have been in the Caverns of Aranae...

edit: Just completed up to Halls of Agony level 2 when I quit and tried to enter a new game. Again, still only lets me go to Caverns of Aranae : /

edit: Am now in Act 2, no change.
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