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Global Play Reminder: RMAH


Global play with your friends...as long as your friends aren't in Taiwan.
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Hacking problem? how can blizz stop you from watching !@#$ and downloading pirated things with key loggers. And visiting that site that promised you a diablo 3 CE if you just gave them your b net info.

You sir are the only person with a hacking problem lol.
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05/21/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Nightskyx
You sir are the only person with a hacking problem lol.

I haven't been hacked, but plenty of people who have more security knowledge than me, who are using authenticators, have been hacked. Supposedly its an exploit that bypasses authentication so it doesn't need to use a keylogger to get your password. There are a lot of forum topics about this if you'd like to read up on it.
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Fix 3006...I cannot login...
That is awesome news. Now how do i change from Region: 3007 to a playable region?
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Nice! im from Oregon too :D
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05/21/2012 09:49 AMPosted by PuBlickQC
all you !@#$ing care blizzard is your %^-*ing auction house money why dont you try to fix error before lauching this... !@#$ing anoyying i paid for that game. FIX THAT %^-*ING BUG AND NO ITS NO MY FAULT. its your fault blizzard just cant admit that you guys wasnt rdy to lauch that game

Do you even know HOW mad people would have been if they said they weren't ready at launch date? Yeah think about that one for a second...
just freaken wait. Im pretty freaken sure they can hear u! Its obviously not a quick fix or it would of been done already. Jeez..
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Honestly..I would prefer a game that had all the servers tested, prepared and ready to go. Than a game that very obviously wasn't ready to be released. If they had to say.. "It isn't ready yet, please give us more time while we fix the problems." I much rather would have preferred that than this...mockery..of what used to be a great series.
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05/21/2012 10:26 AMPosted by Caramon
Sorry to hear about everyones bad news, I have yet to see a 3006..

Same here, I haven't seen an error since the day after launch.
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Got hit with a 3006 as well. Bummer.
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05/21/2012 12:36 PMPosted by icechip
wow players should have stayed in wow, crossed over to the diablo side and all hell breaks loose.

Buddy Most of the WoW players started with Diablo... My Self included been playing Diablo since the original...
how about you fix the lag and the high latency issues first?
This should keep gold farmers in countries like china away from the United States D3 auction house, well done Blizzard!
Now that Global Play is live, players can create characters, set up friends lists, gather items, and use the gold-based auction house in every region where Diablo III is available. To access another region, simply click on the "Options" button from the login screen, select the "Account" tab, and then choose which region you want to play in from the "Regions" drop-down.

As a reminder: please note that once the real-money auction house is available, players will only be able to access it in their home region. This means that, for characters outside of your home region, items cannot be bought or sold in any real-money auction house. To provide an example, if your home region is the Americas, you will not be able to access the real-money auction house on characters you create in Europe or Asia.

The focus of Global Play is simply to give you the ability to play Diablo III together with your friends in any region. For more information on Global Play in Diablo III, see the [url="http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/5500056"]FAQ[/url].

i guess it makes it hard to earn some pennys :(
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As my sensei would always say..."emotions the horse and mind is the rider....sure a lot of wild horses running around....of course blizzard doesn't read these or care if you can log on ..they're out to get you and make your life miserable....c'mon guys get real...
i'm getting 3003 lol

also, eating nerds <3
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error 3003 .... get your !@#$ together blizzard ... not happy jan , all the money u guys earn and the time u had making this game ... would have thought u guys are proffesional's ... or maybe not error 3003 ... pissed-off pissed-off
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great, now let us play our characters in any region, you know so that when you screw us over with peak-hour maintenance we can still play.
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