Hello I am currently progressing through inferno on my DH and thought (like a lot of people are) would share my build.


I am a true glass cannon with this spec and there is a lot of mechanics in inferno that can pretty much just one shot you. But with the prep/SS (hate it as much as you want) you can burst down almost any champions (with the right gear) before you need to start kitting again.

I will get some ss when the servers come back up, but im in inferno act 2 with 28k HP 55K dmg with this current build.

The nether tentacles move slowly but a great for getting your life back. I often play with my friend who is a witch doctor and he summons the (pigmys?) who can tank the champions briefly before we continue to kite.

Only champions that I have problems with are the ones who have mortars and invulnerable minions enchantments.