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Got my barbarian up to inferno act 1. I'm sure if I exploited game mechanics and spent way too much time tweaking everything within an inch of its life I could get to act 2, but I'm not going to.

I LOVED playing barbarian up until hell. I felt very "hulk smash" and got into the whole "I might not be doing the damage of the wizard behind me, but I sure can stand my ground!" But then I noticed....nope. I couldn't. I had to kite. Nothing makes me think "barbarian" like running around in a circle while someone else plays their class effectively. Or I had to basically just press "2" like a madman hoping revenge procs so I don't die. SUPER barbarian-like! It's so ridiculous.

Blizzard, I love your games. I've been a fan since me and my brother would connect our computers (with wires...I'm that old) to play the original warcraft together. I have never been so flabbergasted at a release from you.

This is one of your three flagship licenses. Did you TEST your game? How could you release something so completely broken for melee classes? How could you release a game so completely ridiculous in random magic mobs being not just WAY more difficult than Diablo himself, but in endgame completely unbeatable? It's a total /facepalm when I steamroll these huge event bosses and then die to some random elite frog because he has shield/fast/molten. You're telling me the PRIME EVIL is a pushover compared to some enchanted angry frog in a cave next to a chest with gray bracers and a tome of jewelcrafting? Awful.

I'm not asking this rhetorically. I truly do not understand how this kind of oversight is possible. I can forgive lame itemization and loot design...I can forgive mediocre story...I can even forgive weird bugs or the server issues.

But to not know that two of your classes (barb/monk), Barbarian especially, become unplayable and useless due to monster design and AoE DoTs like molten, is pathetic.

And to be clear: I LOVE a challenge. I LOVE games that ramp up difficulty. I would WELCOME battles and mobs that required thought and smart usage of all my abilities. But that's not what you've created. You've created a frustrating and unbeatable system without any way to counter it. Do you have testers? Have them roll a barbarian and give act 3 hell onward a go. See how much "fun" they have playing like a paper dragon.

I'm re-rolling as a witch doctor. This is a bit of a QQ thread, but I'm really pissed. If I was your boss I would be firing people.
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I don't like how Blizzard designed the game.
It's like a lottery.. who would decide to roll Wizards, out of all the classes?


Grats Wizards.
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Always been a Blizzard fan and have had faith they would always get it right.

Stopped playing WoW cuz I didn't like where it was going. That's fine.

Got tired of SC2 because I've been cornered into an all-in race. Quit. Ok w/e.

D3 release and the class I play (barb) probably didn't even get playtested in inferno at all.

Starting to lose the esteem I held in the Blizzard brand now. Still a top-notch company, but not what I used to think of it.
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You should not have much trouble in hell with the barb. There's really only 2 things which should be unmanagable: arcane enchanters *with* toggling invulnerability shields [on each member of the mob], and in certain circumstances, the mobs that like link to eachother with the orange chain of barb killing.

Getting a 350dps [level 59 or higher] weapon will solve most of your problems.
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didnt the main developers of diablo 2 leave blizzard to make hellgate london? im just putting it out there because diablo 3 seems to be more wow influenced.. at least to me.
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Getting a 350dps [level 59 or higher] weapon will solve most of your problems.

I lol'd
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Act 1 DPS is fine.
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op, quit complaining and figure it out. giving a game nmot even 2 weeks and decidding thats that is pathetic. go back to a simplistic game pls
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as I pointed out, if there was something to figure out, practice, or work on, I'd be okay with that.

I enjoy challenges. I do not enjoy pushing against a brick wall. This is a game. If barbarians are going to be the only class that requires spreadsheets and toons to farm higher level loot for them, I see that as poor design.

Thank you for your input. If by "simplistic" you mean games that have enemies that make sense and aren't completely unbalanced for melee, I very well might soon enough if this crap isn't fixed.

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Inferno is for the best of the best.


If you're not going to min/max

05/22/2012 04:14 AMPosted by Guybrush
I'm sure if I exploited game mechanics and spent way too much time tweaking everything within an inch of its life I could get to act 2, but I'm not going to.

Then you don't belong in Inferno.
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Inferno isn't for everyone and I admit its annoying having to kite everything, but after you get some gear i've found that you can start being barb-like in Inferno again. I just solo'd act1 inferno last night on my barbarian and i stood toe to toe with the butcher and duked it out man-style. Try to get some more gear and you'll see a different ballgame. As far as builds.... here i'll even share mine. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WeXVkP!ZXb!cYccbZ . If you need explanation on how I use it just re-post asking.
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As much as I don't want to, I have to agree.

+1, Blizzard needs to look at Barbs mechanics and re-evaluate melee classes and their purpose.
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do you trolls read the post or just skim it, find something to be ridiculous about, and reply to that?

I am HAPPY to have challenges. And if Inferno was this difficult for everyone this post would not exist. If Inferno was for the best of the best, there sure are a ton of "best" wizards and demon hunters running around.

This was a post about the BARBARIAN CLASS BEING COMPLETELY BROKEN due to game design. Magic mobs' skills are completely lopsided to shred melee.This was about the class I chose to play being forced to play like a chicken/distraction for other classes, and the feeling that blizzard didn't even test this class on high difficulty settings.

Look, if in order to beat inferno I had to use my skills really smartly...popping ignore pain at the right moment, attacking the right mobs, something gameplay related to my CLASS, that would be GREAT!

The game (and the class especially) should not be about "kiting" and cheap tactics like using zone entrances and stuff.

If I'm a tank, the challenge should be IN TANKING, not in whatever the hell it is I'm actually "doing" in inferno. Can I avoid that 1-hit attack animation in time? Can I save my stun for the right moment? Can I taunt the mobs off my teammates in time? Can I hold my own against that heavy damage mob?
The challenge at this point is more: aaaaahhhh avoid arcane thing aaaaaaaaahh swing club at whatever is in range- aaaaaaah jailed. revengerevengerevengerevengerevenge AoE DoT. aaaaaaaah healthpot. revenge rev- Jailed. dead. There's no "game" there.

edit: thank you ace. I will give that a try, but I'm honestly not optimistic. As I said, I'm sure I could scratch and claw my way through act 1, but it just doesn't feel like I'm playing my class anymore. It feels like I'm being cheap. If anything, I feel like I'm using LESS skill and simply exploiting shortcuts and sneaky tactics. I dunno...
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This is a topic worthy of some serious discussion and consideration by the people able to make changes to the game now.

Hell puts you into a realm of, it doesnt matter how much resist, armor, vitality, and team support you got, you could easily get one shot here, or sorry, hit 20 times in less then 1 second.

Now unless they actually expect us to always bring certain classes, and have lets say.. two barbs pull everything into a mass, chain stun them ALL, while two wizards freeze rotate, and dps to take them out EVERY SINGLE PULL. Never mind the gear req to get to do something like this effectively in inferno requires gear FROM inferno... I don't quite understand what they were thinking.

I've done a lot of inferno now, and I've watched a lot of the people that cleared it, clear it. There is simply no way to do this with out corpse hopping, and suicide bombing. I'll let you figure out what those terms mean, If you've experienced the end game, you know exactly what im talking about.

I would have to say A LOT of the mobs in this game need some tweaking, especially in inferno, and even some in Hell..

To put this short, before it gets to long.

You need to let us have a fighting chance without all the deaths looked at as just something that is ALWAYS going to happen in order to progress. Again sorry, "mass deaths"..

Fyi, I made a WD got to act 2 inferno, probably could have kept going, but being forced to play a game this way in order to win it is simply not worth my time..

There is absolutely nothing to be proud of, or bragging rights to be had for corpse hopping, and suicide bombing to a win.

Needless to say, the Diablo 2 nostalgia has total control of my body at the moment, so I rolled a wizard. I'm almost back to inferno again.. I cant wait to throw magic bombs at the edge of my screen hoping it ll kill whatever is there before it gets close to me..(sarcasm)
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I was where you were at two days ago. I even made a wizard AND a demon hunter, just to see. After leveling them both to around 10, I was about ready to give up the game because I've pretty much always exclusively played melee classes in any game. I need to be the tip of the spear, not some pogue running around flinging purple dots at things. Well, I cleaned out a few rares I had laying around on my alts and made a decent chunk of change on the AH. I found a badass 2h (782 dps blue, don't always look for rares there are some perfectly itemized blues that are better) for cheap. I also filled out a few other pieces without breaking the bank. I reevaluated my skills and my playing style. I settled on this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVXPkR!abc!ccaZaZ

My 3rd real shot at inferno act 1, I was flying through most everything. Cycling leap and ignore pain (most of the time wouldn't even need Ignore pain), waiting for clusters to revenge. You are always at maximum fury with your shout so you are actually hitting like a truck. With the health globe passive and the smart usage of revenge it is rare to drop super low and things will die pretty fast if you've itemized yourself properly. 95% of champion packs will get melted and you feel like the true barbarian that you are when you have a 5 stack of frenzy, full rage and WOTB. You just have to avoid the fire as best you can (when you can't thats what the 7 second ignore pain is for). You do as much damage as possible, and if its ugly just kite around for a bit and use a potion. Then rinse / repeat.

Before server shutdown I was a few minutes away from the butcher with 5 stacks of nephalem valor, after literally seeing more yellows and other goodies then I could ever imagine (actually getting a few significant upgrades as well). This was the barbarian I knew. The only time I ever had some real trouble was obviously as you know, a molten plagued invul arcane enchanted desecrator vortex etc. champion. But, with WOTB your leap and a 7 second ignore pain I was able to pick and pop them to around 75% then burst them down with a 5 stack fury WOTB while cycling leap and ignore pain. (the health globe passive is an absolute life saver as well, you will see).

One thing that will help, and it might sound stupid to a lot of people,but remember to use shift to hold yourself in place (learned that from trying out the ranged). You can find a safe spot on the ground outside of their plagued molten nonsense and frenzy to your hearts content, just be ready to move out of the fire.

Bottom line is now I am enjoying the game more then ever. This is the Diablo i've known and loved. The barbarian feels great, and having those stacks of nephalem valor really get you back to breaking open every barrel / ash etc. since most things will either drop a ton of gold or a magic item. Oh yeah another thing, knowing all of the enemies capabilities is highly underrated, leap at that caster and get him down.. sidestep the poison bombs from the trees, get out of the charge, know when a big hit is coming etc. You actually have to think about the mobs you are fighting in inferno. You will die if you are careless.
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You're telling me the PRIME EVIL is a pushover compared to some enchanted angry frog in a cave next to a chest with gray bracers and a tome of jewelcrafting? Awful.

I LoLd
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05/22/2012 06:35 AMPosted by Hecklerkoch
One thing that will help, and it might sound stupid to a lot of people,but remember to use shift to hold yourself in place (learned that from trying out the ranged). You can find a safe spot on the ground outside of their plagued molten nonsense and frenzy to your hearts content, just be ready to move out of the fire.

Actually that does help, thanks for a thoughtful and well constructed post. Gives me the idea to start my barb back up.
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WAAAAAAAAAAA the whole world wants to do everything in one week WAAAAAAAAAAAAA the small minority who powered thru with friends farming Act 4 is not how most can do this. The REAL way to play was to farm act 1 gear move up etc...people all think they are good enough to play like a top percentage of people and QQ when they cant do it. In closing WAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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I think normal and nightmare felt amazing for all classes, i dont think they tested inferno at all.
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