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Firstly, I Like Diablo 3. I however dislike having a game that I like, with a single player campaign mode, that can't be used in Oz after 6.00pm local time, until 2.00am on Tuesdays, because of maintenance. I'm a working father who doesn't play (most of the time) until the kids are in bed. I work on Saturdays as well meaning I get maybe 5 nights to play (a few hours only per night, so I don't get sacked for being a Zombie at work).

Even when I can play, the internet connection to USA means every 5mins, (most of the time more often) the game stalls for a couple of seconds meaning the foe I was battling is now behind me, burying his/her axe in my exposed crack. I'm only at Act 2 and can see this being a huge issue as the game difficulty increases.

Being a glutton for punishment (and at the end of the day a Bliz fanboy) , I will keep playing and see if fixes and patches help. Fingers crossed! If not, It'll be Xbox only for me.
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Hello mate I had the same problem until recently, nearly gave the game away, but touch wood I have had five days straight of good play time regardless of the time I play, no lag or time delays, you are right it gets very tiring trying to play a game with this problem, I think that Bkizzard have done something with their servers of late and it seems to have fixed a lot of the lag/time delay issues, go Blizzard well done, hope it keeps going well, cheers Bombers1959
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..... how can blizzard effect the international internet backbone's.

they cant. they cant do squat about this :")

what happened? simple. you know that thing called the NBN? well Australia will need additional internet bandwidth to .usa and asia.

Southern Cross Cable stage 4 was enabled on 21st december.

Australias total bandwidth went up an additional 20% for our international peering.

please leearn how the internet works bombers1959 ......

this is all to do with the DNS issues Australia had a few weeks ago ....... the bgp routing tables and dns tables had to be re-organised to do this. hence wwhy the dns was needing refreshing.

merry xmas
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