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Real Gearing Questions.

I see a lot of people talking about the inability to take on inferno as a monk. While I am well aware not to believe everything I hear, I am left with a few questions that I have seen a lot of back and forth on with no conclusive answer. I would like to see if these answers can found here.

First Question - Are people potentially going in under-geared? I am not telling anyone that they are. I am not questioning anyone's ability to play the game. A very simple question. Are you taking the gear that you just beat hell with or are you working on gearing up as to have an easier time? This leads me to my next question.

Second Question - Is gearing up possible? Can we actually farm up in hell to be able to get the gear required for inferno. A lot of what I am gathering as the answer to this question is no. However, with the game only being out a week there is no way to be certain that we won't see the drops we need in hell. To make it very simple, can we get viable act 1 inferno gear in hell or can you only get viable inferno gear in inferno?

The main reason I ask these questions are fairly obvious. The first one will show us if people are just expecting to be able to dominate the final difficultly without putting in the work to be able to deal with it or if they are actually putting in the time and it just isn't working. With my second question I am trying to find out if there is any purpose to running hell over and over. If the gear just isn't there in hell and has to be acquired in inferno then that seems to be a broken game mechanic. You can't have us needing to be able to kill things in inferno to get the gear required to step in to inferno.

Let us do our best to keep this a tame discussion. As I said I am not questioning anyone's ability to play the game and I am not trying to shoot anyone down. I just want to know (theory craft if we don't have factual answers) if gearing on my monk is possible or if I have to roll a ranged to gear up my melee ala D2 (making a MF sorc for your other characters gear). Thank you all for your time and answers.
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Yes people are under-geared, but we are also more gear-reliant than wizards/DH. This means they are killing things where we get stomped.

I believe it is entirely possible to gear up in Hell, but how specific the gear is you need makes it difficult. You would want/need the same 4 stats on every piece of gear, and mid to high rolls on each. I put the numbers you can expect in hell.

Dex - 100
Vitality - 100
A resist you keep common across gear - 40
Resist all - 40

This would result in you having around 2k dex and vitality, and probably around 800 resist all with the passive.
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From my experience, I see a lot of under geared people trying to get by on Inferno and just getting destroyed. The problem is that while you can find good gear on Hell, it's not really worth the time to farm there. Looking at the AH, you will easily have to spend millions just to get the gear needed... so what do you do?

Well what I've been doing is just farming up Act I Cathedral. For where I'm at right now, it's really easy (besides the occasional rare mob with insane attributes) and you do find some pretty good gear. The plus is that you find way way way more gold there than you would in Hell. So my plan is just to keep farming and farming and farming until I find the gear or got the gold to buy it. Right now I'm stuck there anyway, I've made it up to the butcher, but it's just too frustrating to continue.
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Act 2 inferno is !@#$ing ridiculous. Just farming act 1 cathedral is honestly the best way to go, I %^-* myself at the terrible blue mob combinations such as 'Molten, Arcane Enchanted, Freezing, Shielding'.

I always try to fight them for about 5 lives and when I inevitably fail I just restart the game. It is most unfortunate, but I have been getting some nicer drops. At least I'm on the only part of the game that is a challenge.
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I think its a combo of under geared and under gemmed.

Game has been out 7 days now and I know no one has crafted the highest quality of gems or any multiple number of them for that matter.

People have posted what i would consider to be insane stats. Saying they have 50k HP and 13-14k damage. Thats awesome. But what they wont tell you is if they have sockets are they at their max level.

The answer is no so this means the gear still has room to grow.

I am with Skeptek. I plan to just farm up hell and Act 1 inferno for gold and items to sell. Then i can pick which gear i want which is better than trying to farm for the gear i want.

Until i can get to a point where Inferno seems easy enough to move on to the next act i will.

Remember, each act in Inferno is almost a whole other difficulty in of itself.

Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell -> Inferno Act1 -> Act2 -> Act3 -> Act4

Each new act in Inferno means the mobs are even higher in level which means more hp, damage, dodge, crit chance and hit chance against you.

If it took you hours to complete hell A1-4assume the same time spent to get Act1 inferno down on farm. Then that time to just get act 2 so on and so forth.
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These are some great answers and I am happy to read them. I have no problem with putting in the time farming and that is just what I will do. Thank you for the answers. I know melee is more difficult than range. Always has been. It is, however, reassuring that farming will be viable and I don't have to roll an item finder. One more question on farming. Are we best off farming bosses or blue packs/rares? From what I read it seems like farming blues is where the items are at. Ideas?
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