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monk farm spots?

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Anyone thats found some good spots to farm as a monk could you fill me in? I get bored just questing all the time its fun to just farm for stuff. Reply, message me, or add me in game xBoTx
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act 1 inferno?
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it really depends on your level... at least if you want to make the farming worth it
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Well personally before I had gear enough to get in inferno the Begining of Act3 hell was my go to. Easy to get 5 Neph stacks and huge huge AoE pulls which is fine with me and my Build. (Thunderclap Water Ally Sweeping wind and MoC: Submission) Tore things apart.

Now it's mostly farming Act 1 inferno. I'm terrified to fight the butcher because my dps is so low because I spent all my monies on resists and vit =/ gonna be a while of saving for a purty weapon
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just completed hell difficult a few das ago.. till i got some good gear to lower the difficulty to farm inferno i found that act 3 and 4 on hell are pretty good.. act 3 because of massive mob groups and a lot of champs and act 4 becasue of a small area with a comparatively amount of champs and bosses + ur quick through it and get a lot of boss drops(increased chance of higher stats on dropped items then from champ or unique mobs)

after beeing able to lower the difficulty of farming inferno act 1 i hardly recommend u gus to just farm till lich king, then reroll.. switch to complete first act clear run if u managed to boost your farm speed to killing the lich king after ~ 50 min after starting a new game (start with the beginning of quest Nr.3.(killing the blacksmiths wife)
if u just unlocked inferno, i recommend you to farm as far as you get which is most of the time the first champ group(depends on own char, party setup, etc)

the first dozen(++) of times ur in just kill everthing u see to get ur gold together to buy some rather high equip like legendaries, set items and sometimes yellow items with overpowered stats in the auction house. concentrate in saving your money for a high dps weapon. dont spend too much money in buying lower items (avoid it if possible)since it will ironically slow your overall progress more than it pushes it in..
after u get some decent items and start to significantly speed up your farmspeed just run through for the champs and leave all the other small mobs behind.. dont forget your current limits or you will end up starting the next champion group with 20+ trash mobs behind u. in the cathedral garden clear all three tombs (small area with 1 event and ~ 2 champ-, bossgroup per tomb) you should continue to the next area if u farmed 2+ champ and/or boss groups + cleared all random dungeons you found on your way.
after about one, two days i managed to get myself to a point where i was able to clear the first act in solo and party play, getting my viability high enough to even be able to tank champion and unique boss groups in 3 and 4 player partys.
i hardly recommend to build on tank as a monk when farming act 3 + 4 in hell but by starting with inferno diff. ofc its party depending but so or so, in inferno u will need a tank sooner or later. becoming a monk tank is recommended cause you will be able to solo a champ and boss group at the same time without activating enrage timer + u will have a pretty solid char/team player that will ensure you a constant progress in inferno, greatly increasing your item drops. win-win-situation

i will give u a quick look at a recommended skill build i use which will focus on hardly decrease enemy dmg output, while giving urself enough burst dmg to still be au pair with your team mates and support your team in healing and surviving in a way you feel like playing a tanky dps support healer. you need to learn to master all three parts in a single build without end up beeing a handicap for your team cause of lacking equip and skill. You have to take a look at everything.
keep your team as good as possible away from any danger.
tank the max number of mobs you can get even if you have to kite them to another position to get them stuck or reduce the efficiency of theyr number and/or skills
know the weak parts of your team. when u get to the point where u have to tank 10, 15+ enemies at once u will get runners that ignore you and run for your team mates. know when to initiate. know which type of enemy can be left alone without beeing a threat for the one hit death candidates in your team
be prepared to spend much more time in farming than any other class.
know how to kite ´n ´tank to avoid getting nuked. in 60% of all champ + unique fights you cant stand still for 4 secs cause of mass aoe and no chance of surviving without your skills beeing on cooldown.
master it and you wont fear any threat diablo has to offer. maximize your farming solo and in party play with team mates that can concentrate on breaking theyr own dmg records while staying completely unharmed cause you just wont die, absorbing everything. imagine the endless possibilities.
all you need to do is, is to be ready to spend enough time with farming your equip and gold solo or with your friends and learn your char. do your job good and you will always find a good party that knows what they have in you, trying to do theyr best to fit your standard ;)

left mouse button: crippling wave with concussion rune = enemies do 20% less dmg for 3 secs if they get hit by you (hardly needed for tanking boss and champion groups in inferno, solo + party play)

right mouse button: mystic ally with earth ally rune = +10% health for u and the ally + he gets a taunt(he is ur bread and butter especially in party play. particularly tanking the mobs u cant tank so far cause of a lack of gear + easier cc which leads to keeping your members unharmed)

quickslot#1: breath of heaven with blazing wrath = aoe heal skill + 15% more dmg for 45 seconds(u should constantly be buffed with this one while keeping an eye on the health bars of ur team mates. get close and save them from dying if u see they wont make it, heals for ~7k. takes some time to master that skill knowing when to heal urself or ur team + keeping buff up)

quickslot#2: blinding flash with faith in the light rune = aoe blind for 3 secs with instant stun + 30% dmg for 3secs(since it has a rather high cd it is situational. if ur tanking use it for interrupting boss + champion skills while doing insane burst dmg without getting hit, keep urself alive if low on health(no dmg income for 3 secs pushing ur viability), but most of the time u will need it to stop uncontrollable champs from attacking your teammates)

quickslot#3 serenity with peaceful repose rune = dmg + cc immunity for 3 secs + ~7k selfheal(last chance to keep urself alive if low on health + ignoring boss + champion burst dmg while keep on tanking)

"best in slot as a tank"
quickslot#4 mantra of healing with time of need rune = 40 yards aura lasting for 3mins increasing hp reg by 310 per sec + hp reg burst of 1240,4 per sec on activation + increasing resistance to all types of dmg (physical + elemental) by 20% while active for all team mates in range(look out for team mates standing in aoe dmg like voids etc, activate the mantra to keep them alive while getting to a safe position. especially needed if tanking champs, bosses and large enemy groups u cant leave while supporting/saving ur team from burst dmg)PS: use it to push ur selfheal if u had to pull your serenity to quickly get yourself back to a save %hp, also useful if your team is spread kiting untankable mobs which you will encounter.!HIGH SPIRIT! COST NEVER USE IT AS A SELFHEAL IF "BREATH OF HEAVEN" IS READY OR YOU WILL END UP WITH NO SPIRIT LEFT ENGAGING THE NEXT ENEMY GROUP

"if low on equip, not much viability but high dex | only useful till u get enough tank gear"
quickslot#4 mantra of evasion with hard target rune = 40 yard aura that grants all players in range an additional 15 % chance to dodge attacks while active with an increased 20 % armor. grants another 15 % dodge for 3 secs on activiation(the armor boost of 20% is awesome cause it reduces ANY dmg that u take from a target on your level. if your low on armor there are better options. if your high on dexterity i hardly recommend that skill till u get more tanky... ~40% dodge with aura and >52% with recast is a good way to use that rune in combo and get the armor buff for the rest hits u need to take.. push your dodge to wait for your cd´s )

"if low on tank equip with fast dying team mates | only useful till u get better gear"
quickslot#4 mantra of evasion with divine protection rune = 40 yard aura that grants all players in range an additional 15 % chance to dodge attacks while active. when the health you or a team mate with that buff is reduced to 25% or less you get a 3 sec shield absorbing 80% of every taken dmg with a cd of 90 secs.(more useful when youre in a party to rescue your lower members from dying and/or if youre still undergeared and cant take the heavy hits. great synergy with your passive near death experience for double life saver)

passive skills:
#1: resolve = reduce enemy dmg by 25% for 2.5 secs on hit (hardly needed to increase your viability while tanking heavy dmg groups + increase the chance of your team mates to survive long range enemy hits)

#2: seize the initiative = increase your armor by 100% of your dexterity (boost your overall dmg reduce, hardly recommended because it grants you more survivability than a passive selfheal or cd reduction)

#3: near death experience = instantly restore your health and spirit to 35% if receiving a deadly blow with a 90sec cd(sart with that passive if your equip is still low or in the beginning of getting ready. u will die facing the first hard champ groups in inferno. with this skill you turn a possible team death in a second chance to reroll your skillcombo and allow ur team to finish the mobs.

#3: pacifism = reduce all incoming dmg by 75% while beeing stunned, feared and charmed. getting freezed also counts as a stun. use that passive if you managed to get your equip (and player skill) on a lvl where it becomes easier to tank and you already can take a lot of punches without dropping too much life. how u know when u reached that point? for me i can say that i found that spot as i started to constantly keep my team mates alive while beeing able to tank and kite champion and large enemy groups, staying alive in champ groups without firechains and/or voids and beeing able to survive a crossing of a arcane guardian (purple bubble with rotating laser)
long story short: the more often u survive, the less u need the avoiding death passive and the more u need the big dmg reduce while in a cc. u cant always run away from your enemies to avoid getting freezed or getting stucked in the void. otherwise u could bring your team in a dangerous sitiuation. champs that dont get attacked by you or your summoned ally will most likely look for your next team mate

short tank equip section. try not to hardly lower your dmg or your health when boosting dmg reductions.
1.try to focus on items with + to physical and + to elemental resistance
2.dropping 1k life for getting + 500dps is ok. but try to reach at least x1/3 hp of a range dps on your lvl. the more life you have the longer you stay infight with the combination of resistances
3.dex gems where you can except for the helmet ---> +%life
try to get
the best and propably the cheapest way to get your tank equip is:
1.prepare to farm a lot and quick
2.let your friends know what items you need because they are damn rare
3.focus quickly on getting high dps weapon since youre dmg is only on third place
4.dropping some health and some damage to increase your % dmg protection through armor is inevitable but dont loose your overall usefulness.. nobody wants a tank that just takes the damage but cant deal any + u become a handicap for your group slowing everything down.
5.your shield is not as important as you think. a good yellow one is enough for the start. just look for +dex +hp and high armor.. if it has resistances good... if not.. not that big deal, shields with + resistances and stats are very rare.
6.avoid items with single resistance. even if +all resistance bonus is lower it is much more important
get your elemetal resistances to at least 50% and physical to at least 60% with an armor dmg reduction of the highest possible way without greatly loosing your dmg and health


for a comparison my stats:
63,68% reduced overall dmg from 5229 armor
leads to a total of 127,01% reduced physical dmg
and a total of 114,185% reduced elemental dmg
sounds like a failure? no.. my farm mate has focused on dmg while having a lack of survivability. with a tank keeping him safe and 1 def skill he is safe..
BUT if we are both standing in a death explosion of a champ mob he is a one hit kill with full health (~17k) taking from 40k to 60k dmg.. but i only take about 3.5k to 4k dmg while having 33k hp.
BTW if you have reached a certain lvl where you are starting to get overgeared for your current progress cause of a lot of farming and clever usage of the auction house you can start to drop a certain stat to increase another more important one like following example:
.. changed some items of my gear and transfered 9k hp to +3% elemental resistance... normally a bad trade but beeing overgeared for my progress, i switched a normally bad trade to an increase of viability. stacking a lot of HP isnt as efficient as raising a needed resistance. im now able to stay even longer in enemy voids, venom pits, arcane lasers, etc, etc...+ giving me a higher chance to resist aoe cc like freeze or fear allowing myself a higher mobility infight rescuing a low team mate, force more mobs to pay theyr attention to me instead of trying to kill the "high dmg low hp" members of your team, allowing them to start doing high dmg instead of running around, dealing low dmg cause of kiting theyr followers to stay alive---> faster kills, faster runs, more items, faster progress!
be aware of your main dmg income and react properly. which means save different deff equip items to always be able to change your biggest disadvantage into your primary strength.

sry for that BIG comment couldnt stop myself somehow =D


hope u got some usefull tipps out of this little guide and maybe even were able to improve your personal skills and current progress

sincerely Menthodar
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