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Fun Solo Act 1 Inferno crit/movespeed build

Been doing Butcher runs lately and have a fairly efficient and fun build I'd like to share.

With this build I kill around 7-12 Champion mobs + Butcher in 15-25 minutes, depending on spawns.

The build is focused on several things: High mobility, high crit chance, and high resists.

-Fast! Cuts through mobs quickly, and gets from pack to pack quickly as well with all the added movespeed.
-Fun! Mini-blue lightning tornadoes everywhere!
-High Elemental Resist means you can tank a bit of the arcane/desecrator/molten, and high movespeed allows you to re-position and easily avoid attacks.
-Kills butcher in about 45 seconds to 2 min

-Low ish HP. I'm sitting at 32k and some elite mobs (hammer guys with wall/vortex/arcane/shielded) will melt your face
-No 'mobility' skill other than pure MS means again, wallers suck in narrow passages
-Not much in the way of healing. I rely heavily on killing shat fast and picking up health globes. The trick is to save health globes and use them strategically during encounters.
-Requires specific gear. I spent about 500k total in the AH for my gear

[b]Stats and Gear[/b]

I'm currently at work but my stats are somewhere along the lines of:

32k HP
60% Damage Reduction
58% Resist All
14k DPS (21k with buffs)
2.3 Attacks Per Second
24% Chance to crit

I use a 1h sword with ~640 DPS at 1.68 attacks per second, and currently using a shield with 6% crit chance, although I'd love to find a weapon similar to my sword so I can dual wield.

For stats on gear my priorities were Crit Chance->All Resist + Poison(for one with everything)-> Attack Speed -> Dex/Vit. Also Movespeed on boots is a must. I'd love to find some decent equip with + life on hit, but I think thats a bit out of my price range.


-Please note that the ONLY skills that I feel are required for this build are:
-Sweeping Wind-Cyclone
-One With Everything

I can, and do, switch other skills out quite often just to experiment, but this is my current go-to build when I'm just in the mood to farm as fast as possible.


[b]Crippling Wave-Mangle[/b]:My main DPS skill. I've tried quite a few different skills here, and keep going back to this just for the sheer dps factor. Deadly Reach-Foresight/Keen Eye come in close second, and come in particularly handy for situations against wallers/jailers in small corridors.

[b]Way of the Hundred Fists-Blazing Fists[/b]:Very fun skill. Within 1-2 attacks I always have 3 Stacks of the buff which increases my AS/MS by 15%. Offensively this skill provides a great DPS boost and increased spirit gen that comes with faster attacks. Defensively its 3rd attack causes an AoE knockback thats super handy versus normal mobs, and the added 15% movespeed means you can kite like a champ. This skill can be replaced with a more defensive skill such as LTK, Dashing Strike, Blinding Flash, ect...

[b]Mantra of Healing-Time of Need[/b]Provides decent HP regen, but the real aim here is Time of Need's 20% all resist. Simply excellent. With Transcendence this should be the ability you use for an easy spam-heal. I've also tried Mantra of Evasion-Wind through the Reeds for more movespeed to decent effect, but tend to die more often. Conviction also works.

[b]Swirling Wind-Cyclone[/b]: Absolutely love this skill, and it synergizes perfectly with crit chance and movespeed. With high crit chance, you get 3 stacks in no-time, but the real fun comes with the little tornados that spawn. Each tornado deals 20% weapon damage a hit, and since we have tons of crit chance, you'll often see 5+ tornadoes out zapping foes at a time! These things hit multiple enemies, and its not 20% dmg per second, its per hit! And from what I can tell these attack about twice per-second! The only downside is sometimes the mini-tornadoes spawn on the wrong side of you and dont get many hits in. Also, BE CAREFUL AROUND TREASURE GOBLINS. I've accidentally aggro'd those !@#$%^-*!es quite a few times because of the tornadoes, and of course the goblin always runs right into a blue/yellow spawn. grrface.

[b]Serinity-Ascension[/b]Your ohsh*t button. I prefer the extra second on ascension, but the heal is also handy for this build since we dont have much in the way of healing. Remeber, it breaks all forms of CC, so use it wisely.

[b]Breath of Healing-Blazing Wrath[/b]:Decent heal. Also the damage buff is nice. I sometimes run it instead with penitent flame for another effective ohsh*t button. I also sometimes chance this skill out entirely for something like mystic ally, inner sanc, or blinding flash, depending on my mood.

[b]Fleet Footed[/b]:Gives more mobility, and makes the runs overall go faster. Can be swapped for something more offensive/defensive depending on your equip

[b]One With Everything[/b]:Just a great skill in general as many of you already know. Required for the way I play, but if you have different gear and are focusing on a different damage mitigation can be swapped out.

[b]Transcendence[/b]:Helpful extra heals over the course of the battle. Not required at all, just comes in handy. Other skills to consider are Resolve, Seize the Initiate, or Combination Strike for more DPS goodness.

[b]Playstyle and Tips[/b]:to come

EDIT: I suck at using browser text editors, and its super late/early in the morning. Forgive the formatting till i fix it later.
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Just wanted to say this build is a blast. Much more involved to play that some other monk specs out there. Works well for me since I have low HP too and this allows me to avoid heavy damage. Just finished a very quick Butcher run and I'm completely spoiled by running so fast.
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