Diablo® III

Computer keeps turning off!

OK, I've been trying to play this damn game for a freaking week and I've only been able to actually play the game for like 3 minutes and then my computer just turns off! WTF!! I've read threads with possible solutions but it just doesn't freaking work! what can I do to fix it!? I have the Asus G73JH with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870, neeeeeeed help!
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
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I am having the same Issue and it is rather annoying :/ I don't know what to do either
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Congrats to blizzard, they just created a perfect game with all hype and getting our money, and telling the problems are yours, hardware etc, they should tell use buy our blizzard laptop/comp if u want to play diablo 3 without problems of course the price would be very good $3000 :) i got g75 with all the problems, black screen erro 3007, could u imagine brand new laptop cant even play diablo 3, meanwhile playing dota 2, skyrim without any problem, nice
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It sounds like a power supply issue. When your machine heats over under GPU load, which requires power, the fan will start to spin, which requires more. If the system detects there isnt enough power to keep your system stable. Itll shut down.

Have you tried using a bigger power supply?
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D3 doesn't make mine or most other player's PC turn off this sounds like you have a crappy PC.

Will people stop blaming Blizzard for their own personal hardware issues.
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05/26/2012 06:16 AMPosted by SL4Y3RxxG37
play the game for like 3 minutes and then my computer just turns off!

What is happening to you sounds pretty bad, but finding the problem will take some work. There are two main routes to go: Spend Time or Spend Money. To me, computer shutting down sounds like an operating system problem or a hardware problem. So maybe your operating system has gone bonkers and needs a new install, or maybe some hardware is dying. This could be your hard drive, video card, but most likely your power supply unit.

Spend Time:

- Go to manufacturer websites for hard drive, video card, motherboard, sound card, network card, and download drivers. Completely uninstall drivers for above hardware, then re-install fresh ones. If this doesn't work, then next step.

- Back up your data, unplug everything except speakers, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and re-install your operating system for a fresh, clean install. Then install ONLY Diablo 3 and see if this helps (this fixed my problems).

Spend Money:

- Buy a new power supply, boot up, see if this fixes the problem.

- Try swapping out video cards.

- If you have spare hard drives, remove your old drive, install your operating system on the new one, and see if that helps.

There is no easy solution (besides buying brand new hardware and fresh install OS), but with some time you can fix it! :)
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I have the same problem and the same computer i have the ASUS with i7 procesor and gaming grafics card. so im not sure i have a bigger power supply. maybe just somthing just not compatibal with asus???
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100 Goblin Mage
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Yes, if your computer is shutting off that IS a heat issue.

Could you play before 1.07?
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100 Goblin Mage
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05/26/2012 06:54 AMPosted by Nineto
To me, computer shutting down sounds like an operating system problem or a hardware problem.

There's a mechanism built into Intel CPU's that will shutoff a computer in the case of overheating, and this is different from the throttling mechanism. (afaik)
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