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BEWARE - Double Izual Spawn bug

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Just wanted to let the hardcore community know about a bug I encountered today with my lvl 30 Wizard, I get to the Izual encounter and I was spamming ESC key to cancel the cut scene, and as soon as I hit "Ok" to bypass the cut scene, 2 Izuals spawned.

I almost died 5 times during the fight, in fact when I won, I was down to 15% health with all my cool-downs being used up, I had unloaded everything I could in the 1 copy of Izzy which was almost dead and once I killed that one, it ended the encounter. I probably would of died for sure had the second copy not gone away once I killed the first one.

Anyway, I came on here to report the bug in the Bug Forum, but it looks like several people have reported it, and everyone seems to say that it happened after they skipped the cut scene.

This is my 4th hardcore character to beat Izual, and I know I skipped it every other time as well, so it seems to be timing related, or may have to do with lag server side at that exact moment, but just in case for those hardcore player I suggest not skipping the Izual cut scene until they can fix this bug.

All I can say, is I was one lucky Wizard to survive the double freeze mangling they were laying down on me.

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It's a known issue but more people need to know about it. I'd really avoid Izzual for now unless you badly want to progress (and willing to take the risk) and definitely not try to farm him lol.
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I had the double trouble in SC Normal....died a few seconds later! lol Scared the hell outta me!
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The only reason I survived is because I was geared quite nicely from having beat Act 1 Hardcore with 3 other characters, so my Wizard was running 6500 life with good armor(using shield), otherwise I would of died for sure. As I said above, I nearly died several times and at the end when I killed the weaker Izzy, I was at less than 10% life with everything on cooldown... that gets the Adrenaline going :)

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I had this bug about two or three times on inferno. Died more because of the surprise. Btw the one that comes last comes closer to you and has more chances of hitting you at the start of the fight
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Blizzard claimed they fixed this bug in 1.03
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+1. Thank God, you told me about it. My wiz has got 6100 life and a decent shield. I am JUST about to fight Izual!!!!!!!!!! .. On Normal though. Do you think i should gear up a bit more and then try again ?
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