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>2-Hand vs DW 1-Hand Damage (Possible Bug)<

Ok the more I play, the less and less this sits right with me. I think something is up. Maybe a bug, maybe un-tuned stats, but something's not right.

I rolled a Barbarian in hopes of swinging a gigantic 2-hander like a raging juggernaut. I'm currently lvl 20 and I've made a couple observations:

  • 2-hand weapons seem to be quite rare. Only a handful have dropped since I began the game. Is this just me? Barb specific ones even more so, but I kind of expected that. I've read this changes later on in the game, so I'm not worried. Chalking it up to RNG.
  • The ones I do see aren't much (if any) better damage-wise than the 1-handers I'm currently wielding. Equipping them actually makes my damage go down. Factor in the slower attack speed on top of that, and it's a huge DPS loss.
  • My point is this: Shouldn't the 2-hand weapons have a significantly higher damage output to offset the slower speed? Seems to me that it would make the 2-hand flavor a little more... juggernaut-y? Does this problem correct itself in time as I reach higher levels? That's what I've been telling myself and I hope it's true. Right now DWing 1-handers is definitely the way to go, and there is nothing compelling me to use a 2-hander. This makes me a sadpanda.

    I've got some screenshot evidence.
    Check these out and see what I'm talking about.

  • http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/1910/screenshot002jk.jpg
  • This one is dual wielding 1-handers. 99.47 dps. Hitting monsters with Cleave for ~65-85 damage (130-175 crits) at a pretty quick rate.

  • http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/7024/screenshot001kw.jpg
  • Scored a SWEET 2 handed Barb only Giant Sword. Has +26 Str and is pretty awesome. I equip it and ... wut. My dps falls to 68.61. The increased 2-hand damage leaves my Cleave hitting mobs for ~55-75 damage (110-150 crits) and swings much more slowly.

    So, it does LESS damage at a MUCH slower rate. Why would I ever want to do that when I can do more damage per swing, and at a much faster pace to boot? 2-hander damage needs to be increased to be competitive with dual wielding. This is my proof. You cannot deny that it's funky.

    I know you're not supposed to fish for Blue posts, but I really think someone needs to take a look at this. It's just not right.

    PS: I did post this on the General forums already. Figured I'd put it here in a seemingly more appropriate place. Link to original thread:
  • http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5051765672?page=1
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    Well, playing as a Demon Hunter, and I've had Bows be better than the hand crossbows. Even dual wielding. But I switched due to faster speed.
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    thats the prob in many rpgs

    finding ONE 2h weapon that is good is hard enough

    compared to playing dual weapons where u can "half upgrade" every time u find a better weapon

    the fact that attack speed is also calculated in DOTs makes 2H weapons even less appealing

    casting speed is also affected by weapon speed.

    seriously i love 2h weapons but most games dont reward u enough to really use em
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    Bumping for importance.
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    I agree somewhat but just decided to use one handers anyway. What can you do.
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    I think your results come down to this, the damage on 2 handers scales more with higher tiers.

    For example:

    Military Axe (2H) 33 base DPS, LVL 21
    Marauder Axe (1H) 28.6 DPS, LVL 21

    Sagaris Axe (2h) 486 base DPS, LVL 60
    Arch Axe (1H) 285 base DPS, LVL 60

    It seems 2 handers become more viable later in the game.
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    I'm also pretty confused about this. I see 2H bows that are barely, if any better than my single bows - at least from a DPS standpoint.

    Also my monk character - I got a rare Staff that said Monk on it, but I traded it for a single handed rare sword because the DPS was practically the same! I don't get it.
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    I see the same thing on my Monk. I never see a similar level 2-hander that does the same damage as two one-handers or even a one-hander and a shield. The two handers are even similar attack speed as the one-handers.

    Really disappointed with 2-handers right now. Even at level 48 on my monk right now and can't find a decent 2-hander.
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