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Error 3007 & Error 3005

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Just thought I would make another forum thread to get the urgency of these two growing issues known.

I am getting to various stages as most here in this thread. There are times I don't even get to the start up of it, I just enter my password and get this [Lost Connection (Error: 3007)] or [Player has Disconnected (Error: 3005)]

It varies between that point, the credentials, character creating, character switching, etc. I've not been able to get past the character menu, still have yet to load into the game. I received this error the entire time I tried to participate in Open Beta. Never get in, but everyone I personally know has no problem.

I recently updated my router's firmware and did all the idea's that was suggested. It made it more stable, but I got no further then the gates in the opening of the game...woo...so much fun....

I've seen mentioned multiple times in here that people have no problem playing their other games, including World of Warcraft, but several issue happen here, so router's, firewalls, etc are not an issue, it is something with the server it's self.

Like most I have been waiting on this game for 12 years. I am an old fan from the beginning back in '96 so I am with all the Diablo fans on this. I paid nearly $300 total for 2 collectors editions and 2 limited edition strategy guides for my and a friend. He lives on the other side of town and get's the same issue as I do. This issue has been going on since Open beta at the latest to say the least. So please, Someone from blizzard....we are all begging you, please give some insight on this rapidly growing problem. If we are all able to play other games and do other stuff like even post here on the forum, our internet is doing just fine, so why are we all here loosing connection and not able to play the game? $260 is what I paid for eveything, and many others paid their fair share too, so please fix it, let us know something quickly, anything so we are not in the dark.

Disc Copy, Collector's Edition

Hey guys, so many post on this thread now. We've hit 230. Including this and for the first 30 pages of threads, here is a run down for you all.

As of now, for the first 30 pages of 152 for threads, 86 threads have been made for these to errors.

A total of 1563 posts as of right now have been made on this growing issue. Meaning with people posting multiple, there is at least no less then 1000 different people who've suffered this.

The 1563 Posts are all posts made by people like us, the gamers.

This isn't even the total amount, just the first 30 thread pages.

86 threads, 1563 Posts, BLIZZARD RESPONSES: 7

Seems legit....
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Can you post some more information about your connection, Merrikvoluro?

  • Wired or wireless
  • Firewall software
  • Antivirus software
  • Internet Security software
  • Network card model
  • Router model
  • Modem model

Support Information
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Wow, thanks for joining Velnrak. There are many threads open about this.

•Wired or wireless: Wired
•Firewall software: McAfee
•Antivirus software: McAfee
•Internet Security software: McAfee
•Network card model: Realtek PCIe GBE
•Router model: Direct to Modem

Additional Notes: Was working just fine until the Emergency Fix today.
Is there anything in the Debug file that could help?
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I have the same 3005 issue but on a wireless network. McAffe fw/avs as well.
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Firewall software: Symantic (correct ports oppened)
Antivirus software: Symantic
Internet Security:Symantic
Directly to modem

I was fine until after the maintenance. Now I can't play for 5 mins without being disconnected
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i keep getting 3007, i tried turing off my firewall/antivirus programs to see if that would help and it did not at all. it keeps kicking me out saying the party leader left, and when i try to reconnect it tells me to make sure all party members are no longer in game. >.<
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I have this 3007 issue exactly as OP described, cannot play the game at all.

  • Wired or wireless: Wireless
  • Firewall software: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (have tried with this turned off)
  • Antivirus software: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (have tried with this turned off)
  • Internet Security software: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (have tried with this turned off)
  • Network card model: TP-Link TL-WN951N
  • Router model: Netgear WPN824v2 (ports opened)
  • Modem model: Motorola Surfboard
  • Additional notes: When I play in Windowed mode I can actually see my internet connection dropping, I get a red X on the internet connections icon on the bottom right of my taskbar. Or I sometimes get a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, indicating problems with my connection. This never happens to me in normal circumstances, so D3 seems to be causing my internet to drop.

    After receiving 3007, if I try to load a webpage (in Chrome) I get the page "The server at [insert website here] can't be found because the DNS look-up failed." This lasts for about 1 minute.

    When I join a private game, I can run around but nothing else can happen and there are no enemies. My connection drops after about 1-2 minutes.
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    I have opened ports, uninstalled firewall, went out bought a new router, I have a brand new computer and I get booted every 1-5 minutes? Whats going on?
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    I have been experiencing similar issues, and it varies. I am connected physically to one port on a D-link router DIR-615, My game play can vary from a few minutes to a couple of hours until I get a Player has been removed from game, followed by error 3005, and then 3007 where i am back at the log in screen. I can log in just fine and start up the game again with no problems. When i disconnect from router and connect directly to the modem and my tower I can play for hours without an drops or errors. I hope this is helpful information.
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    3007 again and again. Why is it that I can play Sc2 and WoW flawlessly and I can't play D3 without disconnecting (if its on my end). That just doesn't make sense.
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    Still constantly getting error 3005, this is seriously !@#$ing bull%^-*..
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    Wired or wireless - Wired (PC), Wireless (Mac)
    Firewall software - none
    Antivirus software - Windows Defender (PC), none (Mac)
    Internet Security software - none
    Network card model - Realtek RTL8168D/8111D
    Router model - Airport Extreme (pre-dual band model), same issue with Cisco Router
    Modem model - Zoom 5341 Cable Modem, using Charter

    PC runs graphics at near maximum values, seems to be 'faster' than the network connection allows and gets diconnected every few minutes, mostly when enemies are nearby. Ping times start out ok but get progressively worse until losing connection. Can run SC2 without issues and all other normal websites.

    Mac is 13" MacBook Pro that runs graphics at near minimum values, there is graphical lag and the game seems much 'slower' paced, yet has no issues staying connected so far.

    I have only been playing the game solo, have not attempted to join a public game or with friends.
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    I have also been receiving both of these errors. Blizzard I am sorry to say but it is not our computers,internet,firewalls,anti-virus or anything like that. It is simply something on your end. I have had this problem since this game has released. I even asked my brother in law who has the same set up as I do. A.K.A Same ISP provider and everything and he has the same problems as the rest of us. This is kinda bad that I cant even play a game but yet I can still load WOW up and not have any problems.
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    Seriously Blizzard? Can you please fix the Error 3005 & Error 3007 already? I am trying to play this game with my friends and I keep getting steady D/Cs. They are always waiting for me. Not good.
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    I guess something changed in the maintenance some hours ago. Yesterday I had no problems.

    This disconnection started today, after that maintenance...
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    This still occurs for me. Every 2 minutes.
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    This has happened for me since launch. The server "fixes" haven't changed anything. The longer I'm idle (not in combat) the faster I get booted. For example, if I log in and salvage items and do stash transactions I get booted in approximately 2 minutes. If I do pure combat and exploration I can go 20+ minutes. This is also happening to my friends in Cali (I'm in Canada). We have different hardware, different routers. It seems more like it's on Blizzard's end. As others have stated: all other blizzard games (WoW, WC3, SC2) work fine.
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    getting the same 3007 problem all the time, got 80 m/bit line and never ever hade any problems whit it. wired-pc
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    same problem here booted out of game error 3007
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