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Who else errored out and praying?

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I'm praying I didn't die and that my characters info got saved. I heard that some people had issues when they error out it'd set their character back. :(
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100 Human Death Knight
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When the lag started I went back to the first quests to grind some achievements. I am positive I cant be dead cause I logged out in town. But if you're gonna play Hardcore you need to be careful with lag.
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I was fighting the boss just before the Act 2 boss (I think). I'm a 22 Monk, I had full health, and it was down to this last monster. I'm hoping my character got out soon enough, or else I'm gonna have to start again!
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We had just cleared out an area, I think, so hopefully I lived...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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Been fighting hardcore skeleton king when the servers derped out for emergency maintenance we have going on now. No idea yet if my toon is alive or dead since I can't relog yet. If the 10 second delay upon disconnect was enforced then most likely I'm dead. Sigh.

In random news, this would be my 2nd hc toon today. Lost my 1st level 13 by walking into a giant ambush somehow lol. I think I got too far ahead for my level :P. Totally playing hardcore blindly and going to beat it without a prior softcore playthrough =D.
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I'm alive - woooooo.
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The most !@#$ed up thing just happened... My hardcore character got converted into softcore. wtf...
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My brother and friend both died... darn.
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The biggest BS just happened to me.....took a nap...waited for servers to come back on. I was supossed to be in town...but when I went to play..... was surrounded instead by hoardes who killled me instantly. Thanks allot Battle net....was in town trading....now dead. That is crap indeed!
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85 Worgen Priest
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My HC Monk just died due to my ISP deciding to fart. Man.. if this is what I'm going to have to deal with each time I play a HC character, the risk is too great in combination with Blizzard's instability.
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RIP to my lvl 18 Witch Doctor PapaShango...Blizzard's servers killed him last night but I WILL have my revenge!
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