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Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning

u wont use either in nightmare, frost arrow is where its at, it activates cull the weak because of the slow and splits to all enemies behind your target...way better than BL or TC
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Ball Lightining is good, but Frost Arrow is just better - it does not hit as much stuff as Ball Lightning, but the damage per target is significantly higher with both higher base and CtW synergy and a snare is awesome.

On nerfing... TBH, I do feel like it will be nurfed eventually - it is just too cheap for the carnage it inflicts. With 10 hatred cost you can already spam it like mad, with some more equipment later on, I bet you will be able to shoot it indefinitely.
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Cold damage bow + Multi shot
Massive AE damage+snaring.
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I agree with Peyton in its versatility leading to allowance of more survivability moves.

I used this for the second half of normal into nightmare. Just need to sync it with a single-target stunner hatred builder and you have yourself a pair of moves that need not change.

Note that it's important to have moves locked in at level 60, as you retain a magic find buff as long as you do not switch moves. Twin chakras has to be dropped when walls come into play in side-rooms.

Even in major boss battles I find the strategy to be keeping the boss off screen at all times while firing at the minimap icon. Ball lightning travels very far allowing for high dps Far away from danger zones.

I think the major drawback is no stopping power, which may be an issue in inferno as many have been talking about the importance of stun locks. Expect blizzard to swing nerf bats only when they notice what the inferno farmers are all using :)

As of now, I would suggest all lvlers to pick up (read: try at least once on packs+boss) ball lightning. It's a perfectly scaling, high range, double hitting D2 frozen orb.
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I'm lv 60 and didn't even try like 90% of my skill/rune combos yet.

I was going to try switching when things get hard, but apparently hungering arrow + ball lightning is good enough to clear up through hell difficulty pretty easily.

I got stuck on stuff after SK inferno, and swapping skills then didn't help at all. I have like 12k DPS and near 20k HP. Apparently not enough DPS to kill some mobs with vamperic affix heals, and sometimes I die too fast from the damage reflecting mobs >_>
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Lol, i was rocking this at lighting ball or twin chakra at lvl 25, but as u move on to hell level, mobs runs at u like cat chasing a mouse. Twin chakra & lighting ball just don't hold anymore. Want real AoE DPS ?? Multishot, baby. arrow travels faster and does dmg at faster rate. U can combine this with stun, knockback, forzen, high crits and the next u see is (24 Monsters kill per blow)
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Hm, I'll have to try this or the frost one soon. I've been rockin' the twin Chakrams.
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This skill seems very overpowered to me, in fact I made a thread about it yesterday: Insane kiting potential and extremely high damage relative to its hatred cost.

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I prefer Fire at Will (multishot). I am, however, addicted to Impale in my Rslot. Crits like a beast and can permastun problem targets (like blues/yellows) and, at least until ~hell, most bosses.

Nothing else in 4 slot seems useful without hampering your hatred or being on a long CD. Multi-shot is useful, and easily spammable with bat companion. Might not be the best AoE, but it lets you be more adaptive with your other skills.
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