My guess is that a version of D3 will be on the XBOX720.
I think the PS3 could handle it now. Not over a fan boy arguement that it (ps3)is better than the 360. It is just a fact that Sony is much more open with their online service letting developers do what they want. I bet it would be no trouble to log into whatever servers Blizzard would want to use as access to a D3 console version
That is besides the point.
I am the launch day jackass who did not have a proper PC to play D3. I am not sour since I know that this game will be still going strong when and if I get a new PC. For now I will keep my copy tucked away in an old chest like Obi-Wan tucked away Anakin's Light Saber. Get your mind out of the gutter.. Not tucking it that way.
I see many angry people on here about network issues, etc etc. I see people complaining of no single player. Well an XBOX360 or PS3 version would be less prone to those issues since every player is on an exact system. Just my opinion. Not trolling and not bitter that I cant play "right now".
But Come on Blizzard!
Many of us who enjoyed D2 12 years ago grew up got married and started a family. We got our Consoles, and our other Big Boy Toys. We cant have it all and have the best PC's as well. I will if I have to eventually get a better PC.
But once again imagine the untapped market of the older console players alike.
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