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disconnect issues

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I am playing a solo game and about every 5-6minutes i get kicked with a message "you have been removed from game".

I was wondering is this a issue with my client that i need to be worried about or is this just part of launch connection issues? and is anyone else having this problem.

if its something that needs to be tshot ima be a sad panda cuz i hate tshoting if its normal launch connection issue then ill just shut up and deal till things stabilize
100 Human Death Knight
Posts: 79
((wont let me edit orig post for some reason))

Also wanted to add that im not getting any lag and my internet connection is solid so dont think its that but i could be wrong
Been having the same issue, TPG is my ISP in Aus, I could play for a solid 7 hours, then at about 2am AEST just kept getting this same message every 3-5 mins. I'm stuck in the Realm of Shadows, and it sucks.
I'm also having disconnect issues. I am disconnecting every 5 mins or so in a game I create, sometimes I stay connected for longer, but it has been logging me out of the game non stop for the last half hour!
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Same thing here broes. Yesterday everything was fine, but now i keep disconecting everytime, cant even complete a single quest.
same here, every 4-8mins -_- *wtf is that >.>

played easy up to lv. 3x without 1 disconect... and now over the last 5hours I tryed every half hour and still the same (I'm sorry) -> S*it!

geeky madness here^
played since launch fine for a day, go to work today, come on tonight, fine for 3 hours, now disconnecting every 6-7 mins, any help?


Next thing you'll be tellin' me is there's no offline mode.

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Got disconnected twice in the past 20 minutes, can't progress through any dungeon like this.
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I had those problems, then I placed my chat to General Chat and now I don't drop anymore.
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I'm also getting disconnected every 5-8 mins in public or private game. This is getting annoying having to rejoin every single time.
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I have seen this problem as well. This happens on my friends connection constantly but not mine. Which is a pain in the !@# because he gets dropped from game every 5-10 mins. Hey blizzard, how about responding to this post
I'm having the same issues... I really hope this gets fixed asap.
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I just got disconnected again and it's been like 4 mins since i last posted. WTH is going on BLizz? Obviously im not the only one having this issue so can you please do something about it.
Same here, I have had same problem since yesterday. I went through the troubleshooting, NOT working. I ran it as administrator last night and it was fine for few hours but today I keep getting disconnect every few mins again.

Can't enjoy play the game like this. I submit a ticket yesterday hopefully I'll hear from them SOON.
Same here...haven't even talked to Leah...anybody buy the Diablo III mouse?
I got this too. Blizzard plzzzz fix this.
15 hours and not one eye has hovered over this. Seems they're being preferential to the customers with the fastest connections until they build up more servers. Until then, we'll have to just put up with the 3 minutes of gameplay, 2 minutes of wait for the connection cut boot freeze to end crap.
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I keep disconnecting in the Realm of Shadow as well.

"The network connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server."

Note: Cannot progress until problem is fixed.
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