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Is it my problem or still widespread issues?

I had no installation problems at all on Mac or PC, both computers worked great. I played for a couple of hours last night, got to level four with my monk, and everything was great until I was unexpectedly booted from the game--I think the US servers went down.

I've tried and tried this morning, for six hours now, and have been unable to sign in to the game. It hangs every single time and says "Player has been disconnected. (Error 3005)"

Is this actually a problem on my end, or are there still widespread problems with the servers? According to Blizzard, the US servers are up. I've tried both computers, wired and wireless, no go.

I'm starting to see reports that people who got booted yesterday lost all of their character progress, etc. which would be annoying but not a huge deal since I was just level four. But I am concerned with how many people are reporting the exact same experience and I haven't seen any response at all from Blizzard.

I don't mind waiting for problems to be fixed, but I DO need to know if there's something that I should be doing or trying, or if I just need to wait.

Anyone have any news?
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I got kicked off last night too but I did get on the servers this morning at 6am PST for about one hour, I don't know if this helps you but it is some added info.
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At this point I appreciate even the tiniest nugget of information!

I understand that there are issues to be worked through, but it's the not knowing that I find particularly maddening--especially knowing that the servers are up. Since I haven't been able to log in since getting kicked out last night, I don't even know if my character is intact or if any of my loot/progress/achievements have been saved, or if I'll have to start over again.

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I forgot to ask what happened after that hour--did you 1) choose to stop playing or 2) did you get booted out of the game unexpectedly?
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try logging into the EU servers, that should help you find out, last night with the US servers down I was able to log into the EU one.

Last night I was kicked off, this morning I stopped RL got in the way.
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Tried both Europe and Asia, no go on either--that's why I can't help but wonder if there's something more wrong than just launch day congestion.

I tweeted Blizzard support, we'll see what happens--they're running only 5 or 6 hours behind right now.

The problem is that I do have RL things to do, but I'm spending way too much energy/frustration on D3 so I'm not actually doing the RL stuff!
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