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3007 Error back

I had the problem last night right after maintenance where I would get disconnected from my game every 5 mins and then get a 3007 error. I went to bed and got on this morning. I have been playing all day with no problems but as of now (6:00 PM EST) I am getting the same problem.

I'm connected directly to the modem and my internet connection is fine. Really need a solution to this problem.
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There seems to be a situation where #3007 has different solutions in different cases.

For me, it seemed to have to do with my router (Dlink). When I went straight to the modem, the disconnects every 90 seconds have seemed to stop altogether.

I was going to suggest you try that, but obviously that is not the problem.

Many have said that logging onto 'general chat' has helped them, and it might help you too.
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I tried logging into general chat actually and that did not work for me. Also I'm noticing that this error is happening at almost exactly the same time it happened yesterday. I dont know if that's relevant but it's worth pointing out
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This is in regards for a constant error of code 3007.

I've read over and over on various forum threads of Error 3007 Lost Connection. And to be quite frank from every Blizzard response, it is nothing more then the exact same thing over and over. Either a 'Self-Troubleshooting Guide' is recommended OR, we get told it's a user error of some sort. So for you BLIZZARD, allow me to shed some light on this very fast growing problem.

Error 3007 is a 'LOST CONNECTION' Error that shows for a rapidly large growing number of players with constant posts and new threads being made over and over. So, here is my first question. IF this Error 3007 is a user error and trouble shooting is the simple fix, why does the number of received errors grow? How can it be user related when so many suffer it?

World of WarCraft and StarCraft2 Players have not complained about loosing connection, it's just the loss with this game. Everyone has been saying the same thing. I will rephrase for better understanding. "ALL GAMES THAT REQUIRE ONLINE ACCESS TO PLAY WORK PERFECTLY FINE EXCEPT FOR DIABLO 3"

I play World of WarCraft and Diablo II BattleNet all the time and nothing is wrong with either. Never do I get disconnected. I run Steam from Valve and all my online games work just fine. The fact I am here making this post shows I am online.

Here are some factors BLIZZARD to show that this constant growing error is NOT user related and is NOT a simple 'troubleshooting fix'.

Factor #1: High Volume of players from all over the world play this game. We are not all in the same house, on the same router, or on the same provider.

Factor #2: ISP is varied from player to player. Some run Comcast, Charter, Frontier, DSL, Cable, or FiOS. Meaning that everyone single player aside from one's in the same house have their own set up regardless of provider.

Factor #3: Router and Modems. Some players are connected directly from the computer to the modem, others go through 1 or 2 routers. Some have D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin,Dynex, or some other brand for a router. Whether the router is wireless or not should NOT matter if the player has a direct LAN connection to the router. Being wired or wireless depends on how they connect to the internet NOT what router they use. [I cottaced Blizzard Support via phone and they asked me the router and I told them a wireless but I had a wired connection and we were going through steps to help get a better wireless connection. Complete incompetence.]

Factor #4: IP Addresses. Everyone has one if you are connected to the internet, everyone's is different no matter what. So if this is still a user related error for our 'Loosing Connection' how do we change this? Well simple answer you can't. So safe to say that everyone with an internet connection has an IP address, so, a 'User Realted Error for this lost connection can be started here in knowing...We as the players in this mass group are not responible for the lost connection.

Factor #5: how the game was obtained. Some have downloaded it from buying it from from the website, other got it with the annual pass of WoW, others got a standard edition of the game, others got the Collectors Edition of the game. So Loss of Connection Errors being ruled from this is ridiculous.

Complete power cycling can help, yes. Ensuring your router's firmware is up to date, yes. Making sure ports are set aside for D3, yes. These are all three some factors that MAY increase the stability of your connection, but as with most, it does not.

I do not want to have to go out and buy some really really expensive router and get a bunch more cat7 cables just to play this game. Every other online game works fine, not a single connection error at all.

BLIZZARD: Every other game works fine, WoW, SC2, Diablo 2. The connection for the servers work fine, no disconnection at all!

As some have said with so many variables with this, ISP, IP Addresses, modem styles, router styles, network cards(whether added on or the on board default), ethernet style cables, the difference in either wireless or wired connection, so many are different for every single person, but ONE thing and only ONE thing is the same. Where we are all receiving this Error 3007, through BLIZZARD on Diablo 3. (Not WoW, not SC2, not D2, Not any other internet required game, JUST Diablo 3)

So please, any blizzard representative who is reading, don't give me a guide for trouble shooting, it doesn't work. I've spent the last day and a half trying to figure this out and there is no answer. I've exhausted every method of my own knowledge, the ones I found here, even called to get additional help and nothing worked. So many other deal with this same exact problem.

Server Bug. In the emergency maintenance work some scripting along the way has gotten messed up. At least something has been plagued. Fact is there is something with the Diablo 3 server that fails to keep a connection with the player and closes. At first I could understand some of us having it and it require mere troubleshooting and we as the players couldn't hold the connection with the server, but now it's still continuing. Many people have spent $60-$100 and many haven't been able to make their first character or even see the game yet. This cannot be something as simple as troubleshooting, especially with such a high growing number. Instead of taking time to research troubleshooting ideas to post that have already been exhausted, get a team to investigate the server scripting itself and find where this bug is and why people keep getting disconnected.
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Can you run a trace route, tata4now?
tracert > C:\trace.txt
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Being in general chat while in game seems to have solved the problem for me...Im not sure why this would be the case, but ive played all day with no errors where as last night i was getting 3007 every 10 minutes.
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