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What happens when....

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Hypothetical situation..

Let's say you play HC, take it slow. Make it to 60 and through Hell. You farm Hell for gear for awhile to make sure you're ready for Inferno.

You work through Inferno in a 4 player game, get to SK (just picking a random boss), and during the fight the other 3 people die (pick a reason why.. !@#$ players.. didn't gear up.. lag spike.. whatever).

You're now stuck trying to solo a uber hp/dmg buffed boss in a 4 player game? You can't TP or leave game like in D2.. this is pretty much a guaranteed death sentence because 3 other people sucked.

Hopefully mob HP/dmg is scaled instantly as opposed to when the area loads like it was in D2? Maybe as soon as a person dies in HC the hp/dmg scale they were supplying is removed whether they leave the game or not?

Just a thought.
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:O This post could have been so much better if its a "What would you do..." type of thing. Ah well :)
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If they get that far in HC, they probably won't suck so bad and all die on you though.
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Good point, don't think it instantly scales upon party member death but if you don't trust them to do their part... go solo.
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First off, I would not trust my Inferno level HC with randoms. lol.

Although I'm pretty sure it scales immediately when they leave/join -the party-. At least that is my understanding. And u can still port out... just harder ^_^
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Unless your so well-geared in that situation that you can finish the SK without them... you die and suffer the ultimate hardcore consequence.

I would never HC inferno with 3 other players that I wasn't completely sure didn't suck, were properly geared, and wanted to survive just as badly as I did. Not that all of that is any kind of guarantee...

Truly - unless someone cheats, beating inferno hardcore style will be an impressive feat.

EDIT: Come to think of it, beating inferno really doesn't mean much outside of Hardcore, since there's little penalty for a softcore death.
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Interesting... But mob HP/dmg is not scaled instantly (based on my experiences of dying teammates).

I think the best solution here is:
If you are playing Inferno on Hardcore, find a group of teammates who you trust.
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I was looking more forward to something like you get that far and then you catch a huge lag spike and the next thing you know, you're dead. Because this looks like the life of Hardcore players. Sooner or later, you're internet is going to be the reason you die.
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People sucking that much and still making it to level 60 and inferno in HC is very unlikely
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05/16/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Goldenforce
Sooner or later, you're internet is going to be the reason you die.
My internet has been the only reason I've ever died. I won't be rolling a HC until we get offline single player (read: NEVER)
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I think the OP's question is being misinterpreted. Let me try to rephrase the question: Does the mob you're fighting scale mid-battle if one of your party members dies since, technically speaking, he/she'd be booted from the game since they're playing HC?

In my opinion, I'd imagine the answer to be 'no.' The boss stays at the 4-player scale even if your 3 friends died mid-battle.

Playing Hardcore mode means you are willing to accept that forces outside of your (or Blizzard's) control can and probably will kill you from time to time. It happened in D2. Its definitely gonna happen here as well.
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You wont find many that make it past Butcher on Inferno that suck. I believe its safe to say the lesser of skill stay away from HC except the ones who dont know what HC is. I figure a premade team is the better of choices as far as HC goes. But expecting Blizz to do anything about having a crap group is like asking Obama to step down. Not going to happen. Be prepared.
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This is what happens, you will probably die.

Though if you're smart, you'll CC everything you can, get as far away as possible and try, jsut TRY to teleport out, and hope you don't get hit.
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Looks like you know the risks involved with co-op hardcore, now you get to make the choice if you're willing to take that risk. Play softcore, play hardcore alone, or play hardcore with some friends.

Also, if everyone died and left the game quick enough, it would be no different than fighting solo.
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05/16/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Abeer
Playing Hardcore mode means you are willing to accept that forces outside of your (or Blizzard's) control can and probably will kill you from time to time. It happened in D2. Its definitely gonna happen here as well.

Trust me.. i'm well aware of the risks of playing HC, it's all I played in D2 and it's all i'll play in D3. :)

The difference was.. in D2 you could just TP, leave the game, or even just run away from the boss and leave the area. In D3 this isn't an option.. once you're in, you're in.

I'm not saying I think that's a bad thing at all, i'm just saying I think it's going to kill the public HC game scene.. and that's disappointing. When your survivability directly depends on the other people in your game.. well then you're going to be a lot more choosy about who you play with, and elitism arises. It's one thing to not be able to kill a boss because you joined a bad game.. it's another thing entirely to lose your char permanently because Jimmy Helmethead didn't pick any defensives and got 1-shot.

Sucks it's going to be that way but.. it is what it is. =/
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