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Suggestions for people struggling

These are the builds I've used so far soloing in nightmare/hell, and I've steamrolled every encounter.
A note about why I don't use direbats: I'm soloing, so it's a lot easier to just constantly run around while my locusts are spreading, then run back around in a loop and collect the orbs and just keep on going.

All around:


If you're struggling in hell this is probably the best:

If you're in a group of 4


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soul harvest on single target boss fights? bleh.
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Free ~1000 heal + 130 int(resist)
Not to mention there is adds on every single fight except stage two belial and diablo
What would you use?
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My build for Nightmare is very similar to your first two:


Since Fetish Sycophants can proc off of splinters, it's very easy to have 2 or 3 little dudes running around. And Fetish army is a great distraction, as well as putting out some good damage; it's great for bosses too.

Hedge Magic is an AMAZING heal considering there is a 3 second window where you do NOT have hex up. The healing is quite consistent and usually pops up when you need it.

Desperate grasp is a must I find. An 80% slow coupled with Locust Swarm and Slow Burn is quite a set up to put out A LOT of damage in an AOE. And it's all poison damage so you're really using the Bad Medicine effect to your advantage.

Though Acid Cloud can be replaced with anything really. It's your choice. I like it for the nice instant/aoe damage it does. And with Devouring Swarm runed, it's not hard to put a few of these down without running out of mana.
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Meh, spirit vessel must have no matter what imo.
not into low chance procs like sycophants
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The first two builds you posted are the exact same thing.
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Suggestion, switch to a better class.
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