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How is weapon damage calculated?

The staff compared to wand have a way higher weapon damage. But with wand you can equip an off hand, how is that calculated into the spells? Since all our spells is based of weapon damage %.

Also, should we be aiming for higher weapon base damage or higher damage per second in our detail stats?
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This what I posted earlier on another thread. My dps is over 630 now

From what I have been able to figure out, your dps counts as your overall attack and spell damage. Your intelligence is a multiplier for the dps of your weapon.

The dps on my weapon is 50.5 but it takes the max which is 58, my intelligence is +475 or 475% * .01 which would be 4.75 (converting as a percentage), my overall dps is a calculated 375.

The equation for dps is:
dps = max weapon dps * intelligence * .01

So you want a good mix of the two. The higher your dps is, the more damage your spells do.

Hope this helps!
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Ok, spell dmg is (WeaponDMG + ItemsAddingDMG) * (1 + int/100) * SpellMultiplier * EachOtherMultipliers ie glass cannon or magic weapon

As for fast vs slow weapons it depends. For two weapons with the same DPS but one is slower and thus has higher dmg, the slow weapon will do more dmg per cast but with the fast weapon you can make more casts. So for some spells like signature spells, the dps of you casting will be the same either way. But with the fast weapon, abilities that proc on hit or attack will happen more often. Example, prodigy or arcane dynamo are better with fast weapon. On the other hand, spells that you cast infrequently, like wave of force or meteor benefit from the slow weapon. You can only cast wave of force every 15 seconds regardless of weapon speed but it will do more dmg every time you do cast it when using a slow weapon.
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So weapon speed is the new haste?
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05/17/2012 10:41 AMPosted by Nosaji
So weapon speed is the new haste?

Yep. The posters in this thread forgot to mention, you have to divide by your weapon speed first to figure out "weapon damage".

At equal DPS, slower weapons do more damage per 'hit', thus do more damage per cast... but cast slower.

Easiest way to figure out your spells' damage is to take the total damage number on the stat sheet, divide by your "attacks per second" on the stat sheet, then multiply by the spells % modifier.
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If you equip a 2nd weapon as an offhand (ie 2 swords), the effect is that the game alternates between them, but applies a 15% faster attack speed to each one.

Most likely, this is not the configuration you'd be using as a Wizard though. Just explaining in case that's what you were really asking.
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05/17/2012 01:56 AMPosted by Quanta
Ok, spell dmg is (WeaponDMG + ItemsAddingDMG) * (1 + int/100) * SpellMultiplier * EachOtherMultipliers ie glass cannon or magic weapon

Would it not be:
spell dmg is (WeaponDMG + ItemsAddingDMG) * (1 + int/100) * ((SpellMultiplier +EachOtherMultipliers)/100) ie glass cannon or magic weapon
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Does anyone know if there is a guide or something similar containing the character's attributes formulation?

For example something "official" similar to what EvilEngineer has posted?

Thanks in advance!
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