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Locust Swarm awesomeness

I have seen quite a few people post builds but none of them contain locust swarm. I'm finding this skill is pretty solid and a blast to use.

I'm level 37 and finding it's not quite as effective in nightmare as normal, but find it still helps a lot.

It's a whole lot of fun to have your pets holding the enemies at the doorway, walk up and get a 5 stack of soul harvest and cast out the swarm. Then you can see it spread through the rest of the room. On normal it used to kill the whole room, but now it leaves them at 20-50% HP in nightmare.

While I think it might not be the most effective skill in terms of damage, it's a lot of fun.

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I discovered the awesomeness of Locust Swarm in Act IV of Normal, and am still using it in Nightmare. I'm Currently 33 in Act I, and I agree that it is starting to seem not quite as effective, but I still love it.
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It's one of my favorites. I use it if the enemies are hordes of little ones like Fallen, or those Shadow Crawlers when you go to the realm of Shadow. I will literally hit them with it twice so it spreads faster and run off while my templar and pets finish them. And they do, quickly. The Shadow Crawlers HP is so low I never stopped running in that level except to unleash the swarm on them.

Am I the only one who is changing his skills based on the enemies and environments or what? I see all these builds that people say they use all the time, but I find sometimes I need Dire Bats because I'm in hallways and sometimes I need the swarm for large groups of little enemies and for ....blah blah blah. Just curious why people are stuck thinking that one build will be right for every situation it sounds like when the fact you can change on the fly makes things more fun.
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For me it was through the Jail like rooms in Act 4 normal. The ones with the massive amounts of skeletons. Also those huge packs of tiny spiders are also fun to watch locust swarm eat through.
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ShadesOfRed - I definitely do that. For example, on bosses I switch to haunt/soul shooty thing as opposed to acid rain/locust. Literally the first 5 seconds of boss fights that I don't expect I'm hoping my pets can hold them off while I switch quickly.
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Still using it in hell, its amazing because you throw one swarm out, run and then drop a slow and just keep running.
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Switching up skills on the fly is fine at lower levels but might build bad habits for when you hit 60 and are working on stacking Valor.
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+1 stegor.
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I'll definitely keep that in mind. After going through the game on normal, it will be a lot easier to know exactly when you are walking into a boss fight and can properly prepare.

I'm glad it's still viable in hell. It's such a blast to just watch a whole room of guys slowly die away.
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I tried it, but really didn't like the constrained range compared to Haunt. I didn't see it hit many times, and didn't see it jump much either. Zombie charger goes farther, and hits everyone in its path.
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Have to be way too close.
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Seemed to me to be less effective than spamming Dire Bats. You could combine them, but that sort of defeats the point of being at a range. If I get to a place where my dogs start dieing too fast again, I'd consider swapping them out for Locust Swarm, but until then, I'd rather just get my Int buff and then GTFO.
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