This is an annoying bug that Blizzard has failed to notice. Well first of all, I bought diablo 3 with a credit card and it was working fine for a day. Later I was playing with my friends and I got disconnected, I tried to relog in, but it took me to the create character section. So I decided to go to and noticed that my diablo 3 game has been demoted into starter edition. Then I received an email from blizzard telling me that they had disabled diablo 3. Since they couldn't get the payment through the credit card successfully. But when I checked the bank account it was 60 dollars short. It was pending for Blizzard to accept it. I've seen this happen to a few other people. One guy had to spend 120 dollars on diablo 3 and it happened twice to him. Blizzard did not reply to him, and Blizzard is not really taking this situation seriously. I need help with this, because I'm not going to spend another 60 dollars on diablo 3. I want to know if I can get my money back and buy the game successfully without any problems.