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Unexplained Interruptions - No Error Msg

The issue: I will be playing solo normally when suddenly I click on something (or someone) and get no response. At this point I examine my surroundings and find that while I can still move my character around, the rest of the game environment is essentially frozen. The only thing I've found to work at such a point is to ESC and [Leave Game], which will eventually take me back to the Hero/Resume Game menu after some significant delay.

Attempting to Resume at this point will result in another delay followed by a msg that the request has timed out. If I log out, I am returned to the login screen (after a blank screen with only the mouse cursor for about 30 seconds). At this point if I log back in, I am usually able to Resume Game with no problem. Trouble is, this issue keeps happening and at random intervals. Sometimes two minutes after starting a game; sometimes not at all even after several hours of continuous play.

I've noticed this issue does tend to happen more during the evening hours (EST zone), although I have as yet to identify a common item/area/time that could be the cause. I did check through the thread list here to see if anyone else was experiencing this particular issue, but I didn't notice any previous posts on this.

Oh yes... 2007 24" iMac, running 10.6.8, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4Gb RAM, RadeonHD2600 w/256Mb VRAM.

I run the game at 1280x800 with textures on high, everything else on low, anti-aliasing and lowered particle graphics enabled. Aside from occasional spikes of high latency, I have no FPS / visual performance issues.

Connecting via CenturyLink DSL with a "max" speed of 3.0mbps. Generally my latency sits between 150-300ms depending on server activity. (From what I've noticed, the bar is almost always in the green—below 300ms—when this issue occurs.)

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Having similar issues - game 'freezes', but am still able to move around. Then it 'unfreezes' and the monsters have all had a hit at me and I die immediately. Incredibly frustrating and been happening all day...
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I imagine if the game actually unfroze for me that would happen as well, but it doesn't. One time in one of the crypts I even waited a good five minutes while running around with one of the dead maiden's family members casting their slowing spell on me (interesting, as while all other particle effects had ceased, that one continued to animate and stretch through the length of the dungeon as I ran further away. Event went through walls).

Another aspect of this that I forgot to mention initially is if it happens before I've completely explored a dungeon, I will come to the "end" of the map textures. My character will literally be standing ad the edge of a gradient colored void. o_o
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Worked for me
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this has been happening to me as well, ALL day. quite annoying.
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bump. this problem is super annoying....
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Has happened far less frequently since my initial posting, but still at least once or twice a day. Been getting a lot more disconnects with the prompt message though. Other than that, game has functioned swimmingly.

Meh, leave it to my computer to be difficult: AHT doesn't load for me and I have no idea where my install disk is at the moment (just moved this past week). So I can't try that out right now. To me this seems more like a server connection issue than a hardware issue anyway, as often when I attempt to just Resume after getting returned to the Hero menu, I get the "Make sure you're not already in a game" error msg—don't remember the number. I'll post it next time I see it. But on that note I've seen that messages after quick and clean disconnects with the prompt as well. Weird.
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There it is... Error 316704.

"Please ensure that all party members are not already in a game, and no party invites are pending."

And I'm playing solo...
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