Diablo® III

Pet/AoE build for those interested

I've noticed that almost everyone has been bashing on zombie dogs and saying that soul harvest, spirit walk, and vision quest are all must haves. I have been utilizing and pet/Aoe slow build and have been doing pretty well. I'm only in nightmare so I don't know the viability of the build in inferno but I have been breezing through nightmare with it.


I'm only level 36 so there are some of the runes I plan on changing but it's still been working pretty well. I keep the gargantuan and dogs up, as soon as enemies are spotted they charge off with the templar and aggro the enemies. As soon as they're engaged I drop a Grasp of the dead to hold them there then a Zombie wall to chew through them. If anything is still standing I launch a barrage of spiders to clear up the stragglers. I use confusion as a defense if anything gets through the wall, it charms them and sends them right back into the melee. I've never run OOM and hardly ever even get attacked.

I plan on switching the spiders to medusa and the dogs to the life leeching once I unlock those runes for more slow and added survivability but so far it's been working pretty well. It doesn't like teleporting enemies though. Also gearwise I haven't used the auction house at all, I've only been using items I've found in the game or crafted.
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gagar is ok but dogs is still like papers even when i equip massive vitality and amor
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It's true that the dogs can't take many hits but the majority of the enemies are usually grouped up in the Grasp and zombie wall, with attacks spread out amongst your 6 guys and all the slows most enemies don't get off many attacks before being tore apart by the combined dps of everything. My dogs seem to only die when a big champion or elite scores a lucky 1-shot on them and even then the combined dogs always last longer the cool down to summon them.
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