Hola all,

I'm having a weird, rather game-altering beam spell glitch that I'd like to know about fixing.

When any given beam spell is set for the secondary action (right mouse) button, it will occasionally stutter, shutting itself off then coming back on. I've verified this with Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, the Hunter Rapidfire, and the Archon beam spell. The stutter does not occur if the skill is moved to a keyboard button via elective mode. Also, the mouse is functioning correctly--it isn't insidiously releasing the buttonpress on the right side.

The stutter appears to be mostly random, but it does seem to occur more often if it's pressed in an area of "clutter"--mobs, loot, etc.

The damage output of the spell actually stops--it isn't solely a graphical issue. I've seen my Archon form standing around literally doing nothing while I have the right mouse pressed for him to beam.

As the game has gotten harder, I've had to stop using Archon due to the bug and its lack of reliability. If I could bind the archon skill to a keyboard button, that'd work. Alas, I don't think it's possible to rebind the secondary action button.

Any ideas would be appreciated.