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Blade of the Warlord VS Azurewrath

Blade of the Warlord or Azurewrath, What would be the better option for a frenzy Barb; please discuss.
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Double Azurewraths. You need the dodge/resist from the dex and intel. And nearly 40% AS is your friend.

Double Azurewrath has the potential to be the best setup for a Frenzy barb, because hopefully Legendaries get buffed, and you won't find a rare with that number of individual stats.
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Also, Unique Equip needs to be gotten rid of for this to work anyay.
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If my calculations are correct (I checked twice, but I could still have made a mistake) a perfect Azurewrath would have 1028 DPS... and that's before you add the 2 random affixes.
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OK, I ran my numbers by taking raw damage and multiplying all the mods through. I'll try it again without...

126-294 damage (210 avg)
134-313 cold damage (223.5 avg)
1.67 attacks per second

= 433.5 damage 1.67 times per second. Gives 723.9 DPS.

Fair enough.

You still have those 2 random modifiers though. What if you get 20% IAS and +147-440 lightning damage on there? Then Azurewrath jumps to almost 1500 DPS...
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DMG > all

You will find plenty of 700+ 1 handers in act 2 inferno.
Some 1000+ even if you're lucky enough.

Sure it's fun to theorycraft about Azurewrath, but you will find 100 better rares and 1000 better magic one handers before you find a worthy Azuwrath. Unless uniques get buffed stats, 95% of Inferno players will be wearing rares as weapons.
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