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Any Weapon For Wizard?


I have searched but can't find anything on this. Is there any real reason to use Staves or Wands? I have swords that have higher stats & use them for my wizard. Why would Blizzard allow Wizards to hold a Sword?, or atleast use it's states for spells.

Can anyone explain?

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so far ive never used staff or wands.
2 handed with the most DPS has been working so far
5.5k dps with magic weapon lvl 51 !
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some staves and wands (randomly!) can have wizard boosting stats, like extra mana. Most are exactly the same as a sword. My wizard has a 1h axe that has +35 or so int on it. The damage of the weapon seems to improve the damage of your spells, by the way, so you want a high dps weapon with int and maybe vit or health, and a socket for extra damage or something.
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I find this just wrong. I have a monk that hits with his fist, but uses a sword for the stats. Sorry, IMO that's stupid.

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At one point, my wizard was using a crossbow. Yep a crossbow because it was the best stats of the items I had. Personally, I like the variety of weapons I can use and that it's always changing. I am currently using a wand and a magic source offhand but that's because I found a blue off hand with 148+ dmg (at lvl 54).
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Well, I recall from D2 that there we're weapons that held class-specifict attributes, lie +1 Skeleton Rise for Necro or some...

Here at D3 i've fount staff and wands that (mostly all of them) increases maximun Mana (or magic power...)

I wander if there will be more usefull atts on later items... also wander if there will be armor sets.! (legacy dictates that...! cmon blizz.)
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you can find rare staves with pretty much the same dps as 2 handed weapons.
So you dont have to look retarded.

But currently, my wiz is using a flaming 2-handed samurai sword. And even though its a 2 handed sword it looks cool as hell on my wiz
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