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Loot Randomizer Fail

I have about 60 hours of play time so far and I am quite impressed with the game However, the loot system is just awful. The gear randomizer in this game is so bad that it is frustrating. I get so tired of filling up my bags three times over with blues and yellows before finding an item that is barely better than my existing crappy item. I spend so much time pouring through the loot that I get that I don't get to spend as much time enjoying the amazing content. I would prefer to see less drops, but have the items that drop have useful stats on them. For example, I find so many wizard only items that have strength on them. If you don't agree with me on having too much useless loot, at least we can agree on the need to change the rare and legendary items. After my 60 hours, I have yet to see a legendary, and I am not looking forward to getting one with useless stats on it like I have seen in the auction house. Other than the loot issue, great game so far guys!
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This is one of the things I'm glad they ported from D2, the hugely random nature of items. If nothing else it stops people from having all the very best gear within a week and gives a sense of accomplishment when you find something good.

I can only imagine you'd break down crying and quit immediately after the 100th time you rolled a +1 to max damage ring on Hell Baal in D2, so yeah, that system was even worse with the sheer number of completely useless prefixes & suffixes - at least D3 limits the stats to stuff that is useful in some way, shape or form.

Strength: Protection
Dexterity: Dodge
Vitality: Life
Intelligence: Resistances

This applies to all classes so stop looking for just (insert your main stat here) + Vitality. Its all useful.

Legendaries and Set items are considered Legendary for a reason. Its not because you should get one every 5 runs. They're meant to be rare.

TL;DR: If you're impressed with the game, stop crying and play it.
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I have about 60 hours of blah blah blah blah

Loot is heavily randomized. This isn't WoW or other RPGs. Randomization is a major element of Diablo and has always been. If you don't like it, go play something else.

Complaining about a randomized loot is like whining about a hardcore character dying, if it upsets you dont play it. We're not slavemongers who are forcing you to do things you don't want to do.
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I have absolutely no problem with legendary items being rare, I just don't want to find one after 70 hours of farming just to get one with crappy stats. And while I agree that the stats that aren't for your class are still "uselful", they have so little bonus that it is a waste of stat allocation. Besides, my main is a glass cannon wizard. I expect to die in one shot. I just want more damage. :D
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Randomized? Everything is just about the same. Makes me feel like im playing a korean MMO with a story.
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