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If you are at Inferno Act 2, please come in!

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I am having trouble with doing inferno Act 2, and I am wondering how much resistance, HP and armor I should have in order to survive. Can any of you who are doing or completed Act 2 post your resistance, HP and armor or damage reduction?
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I have the same issue. Just go to Act II Inferno and I wipe on trash...

I'm sitting around 34k health, 11k DPS, 4000 armor and resists between 74-141. I got 21% block, 33% dodge, 57% dmg reduction. I can take on 1-2, maybe 3 trash mobs at once in Act II, but anything more and I die. What should I be shooting for? Maybe gem out for more vitality?
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Resists are very low, aim for 300 at least. Some more vitality will help aswell.
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05/22/2012 05:40 AMPosted by postikana
Resists are very low, aim for 300 at least. Some more vitality will help aswell.

Are you using the passive One With Everything and stacking one type of Resist?
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I've roughly 400 resists (close to 56%), 45k HP, 4,5k Armor (without seize the initiative) and 32% dodge... I don't stand a chance with those stats in Act II...

With Deadly reach 50% armor buff, seize the initiative, and time of Need i get: 60% through resistance, 74% through armor and 25% through resolve... I still get hit for 7k in Act 2...

So now to reduce that to a reasonable amount when counting the number of mobs you'Re fighting, you'd need somewhere around 90% armor and 90% resistance....
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I thought there is a 75% cap on dmg reduction and reduction from resistance
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35k HP
18k DPS
4K Armor
230 Resists

Basically have to kite everything to survive, or immunity DPS. My Barb friend has around the same except 9K armor and he still gets 3 shotted if not careful. Act I is such a joke by comparison.
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Currently on
39k HP
18.4k DPS
3.7k armor
348 resists

and currently I get killed in 2-3 hits... lol
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
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Just over 20k HP, 9.8k dps, bout 60% reduction in damage from armor, duel wielding atm, bout 48% dodge, close to 400 on all resists, can tank elites easy as, get hit about 1.2k - 2k. Thou some elites u just have to skip.....
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I have 40k hp with 300 resist to all (~50% reduction) with 5k armour and i stil ggeeeeet completely !@#$ on and i have 40% dodge
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05/22/2012 05:50 AMPosted by Nostrademous
I thought there is a 75% cap on dmg reduction and reduction from resistance
IF there is, inferno is impossible for any melee class. You won't reach HP values that allow you to be in melee range without your immunity skills up.

And kiting 20 sec for 4 sec melee fun is no fun.
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