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Agent Requires OSX Admin Login?

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Try this:

    1. Force quit any Diablo III, Agent and Blizzard Launcher processes in Activity Monitor.
    2. Navigate to /Applications/Diablo III.
    3. Delete the D3Debug.txt file.
    4. Reset the Diablo III game folder permissions.
    5. Launch Diablo III.
  • If the game prompts to enter in your administrator username/password, hit Cancel.
  • If it doesn't it should load fine.
  • 6. Diablo III should load.
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Just wanted to say THANKS! to Machkhan - this^ solution worked like a charm :3
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Tried the suggestions above and none worked. For anybody still having this problem herre is one more thing to try which fixed it for me:

1. Open "/Users/Shared" folder in Finder.
2. Select "Blizzard" folder.
3. Select "File --> Get Info" from menu
4. Click the lock icon (bottom right corner of Info window) to allow you to make changes
5. Under "Sharing & Permissions" make sure you have Read/Write
6. Select "Apply to enclosed items..." from the Gear dropdown (bottom edge of the Info window, near the left)
7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the folders "Battle.net" and "Blizzard Entertainment"

I was having the "Agent wants to make changes" issue for myself and the kids. Works for everyone now.
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Blizzard Employee
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This should of been resolved. If you are still getting the prompt for user name and password, please enter it in so the new tools update can apply and resolve the issue.

If this still does not work, please delete the Battle.net folder in users/shared and launch D3 again to get a new set of tools.
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This last suggestion worked for me as well (deleting the D3Debug.txt file) . Thanks!
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Same problem. Its very annoying.
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Did you try to delete the Battle.net Tools folder and try again? It should only prompt 1 last time and that it.
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I fixed this issue by:
1) Right click "Diablo III" and choose "Duplicate"
2) Delete "Diablo III"
3) Rename "Diablo III copy" to "Diablo III"
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Deleting the shared folder did the trick for me. Thanks!
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It is simply not correct that the dialog only comes up for updates. I just reinstalled WoW on my machine and every single time I launch the game I get an authentication dialog, The game is up to date according to battle.net app, and I simply cancel that authentication dialog (after entering my user/pass at least a dozen times) and this is on an admin account.

On my normal account, and on the account my kid uses, the dialog ALSO comes up every single time the game is launched, but the admin/pass must be entered. every. single. time.

The only thing I've ever seen that fixes this, mostly, is going into the terminal and

chmod -R a+w /path/to/wow

but since Blizzard creates new launchers outside the wow folder *ALL THE TIME* this only helps some.

Everyone at Blizzard should be required to use WoW only on standard non-admin accounts, then this stupidity would end.
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