Diablo® III

Slow Time - Useful in Hell/Inferno?

Does anyone find a use for this ability to help mitigate range damage while increasing self/group damage via stretch time (10% attack speed) or time warp (20% more damage)?

I've been using it with a spectral blades spec to help buff group damage and buy more time against multiple ranged projectiles while I'm dealing with melee mobs upfront.
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Since playing a wizard in infero is a one build only situation, you only have about 1 or max two skillslots to configure.. i would Not choose slow time, blizzard slows more, and the missiles will hit you either way, inferno for wizards, is all about force armor for staying alive, blizzard+hydra and kite all day long.
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Inferno is definitely not a "one build only" situation, but you still really don't have much room/use for it. FA/Diamond Skin go in two slots, Teleport or Frost Nova goes in one.. After that, you've got two predominant schools of thought. Blizzard/Hydra kiting, or fire and forget Arcane Orb/Missile kiting. Either way, skill slots are at a very high premium, and Slow Time just doesn't do anything that great.
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