I've been enjoying D3 so far, but I've just about lost my sanity due to packet loss for this particular game. Since they force you to play online, even for "single player," I can't imagine playing a hardcore character until I get this sorted out.

I live in a house where it simply isn't feasible to use a wired connection, and as such, I am forced to use wireless. For years, it's been fine for games like WoW, SWTOR, and others, but I've been getting incredibly horrible packet loss since I started playing Diablo. Or, at least, its become blatantly obvious how bad the problem is.. especially in inferno.

Since I cannot use a wired connection, and my options for battling the problem are fairly limited, I'm asking the forums for help in selecting a new wireless adapter, preferably one suited for gaming within a large house. I'm using a desktop PC, so any PCI adapter would work.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.