Diablo® III

Detailed text guide for Inferno Belial

Inferno has been a breeze so far, started it after the nerf. Belial is no exception if you do it like this:

You will 99% have at least 1 mil gold gathered when you reach Inferno act II end. I never farmed act I etc, just been speedrunning through all quests from normal -> inferno act III. Made it to inferno Butcher with 15k buyout pieces. It is easily accomplished with little kite skills.

If for some reason you don't have ~mil gear to work with, practise step 6 written below.

With 1 mil you can get easily similar gear, if you buy smart, which is as follows:


With these skills:


And here's what you do (sorry, too lazy to make video):

1. Fight begins, drop Caltrops, shoot NT 3 times to a "snake line". Step back to caltrops edge, kill the remaining 2.

2.. Before next wave begins, depending how fast you are and on the spawns, you can shoot 1-4 NT either left or right, snakes go down, move there and place Caltrops and finish the rest from it's edge. Do same for the next spawns.

3. If you have positioned yourself well when last spawn starts, the top or bottom snake won't aggro you, kill the rest and wait for all cooldowns, hatred and disc to regen. Position yourself to max distance from center when the last goes down.

4. Shoot Cinder arrows till he reaches you with his melee attack, vault away switch to NT here and shoot till next melee and vault. Repeat with NT till he starts ranged attacks.

5. Place caltrops and continue with NT, use smoke screen when the ranged attacks are near you so you can keep firing at your best DPS.

6. If you can't handle the adds, try the above 1-5 till you get lucky with crits. Either way continue with NT when possible and if you landed all shots well he will be down after his next melee attack. (you can SS on the attack and keep shooting.)

7. 3rd phase, position yourself to the right side closest to Belial. Drop caltrops and shoot Cinder Arrows when he taunts to get max hatred.

8. Approx 2-3 secs before he is not immune, shoot NT's to start the damage flowing right when the immunity goes off.

9. Easiest part: Dodge melee and explosions with vault/SS. Note that two hand melee has a big AoE.

10. Off you go to stomp act III

Edit: Forgot to mention Screenshot is without Sharpshooter, with it max I'm ~100k if I remember correctly. Also use Templar to block 1 of the Belial ranged attacks.
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Thanks, good to know. Well I guess it just got even a bit easier.
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So basically you need high as DPS.
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40k dmg is easily gathered. E.g: 71 dex, 15 IAS rings go for 20k. 830 dps crossbow with 88 crit dmg bought for 70k. List goes on.
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