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good agaisnt evil is too cliche... we didn´t have neutral character (a real one) or even a strong disagreement between characters in the dialogues (there are lack of drama and tension in them so many of us clicked in the texts in order to play the game). Lyndon is one exception to the rule because of his character is not simple, but... Zul khule? At the end of the quest, he wanted to be a god of the mankind (he wasn´t cleaver to convince the player... I think Blizz was lazy to write something dramatic in the cinematics about him). He ended up like many cliche villians who wants vengance/revenge/conquer as usual in the cartoons (avengers, Ben 10, Spiderman... you name it XS)

I want a REAL boss with good dialogues in the cinematics of the next exp (because wow have anti heroes i want to see good ones in Diablo 3)... A real anti hero in his/her all glory in the gameplay. And yes, i am not talking about power but dialogues in cinematics before fight him/her (Sorry for my bad english but i don´t have free time to edit my opinions... until the weekend).

Another idea is to capture a boss and interact with him/her later... could be a nice NPC XP
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Perhaps in the sequel the black soulstone could shatter and result in 3-7 new demon lords being created. So Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal hybrid could be 1 demon lord, Azomdan and Belial hybrid could be another, and the Andarial and Duriel hybrid could be the third.
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i've got an even crazier idea... not gonna bother trying to put it into any kind of story plot, but what if we got to fight some corrupted form of deckard? see what kind of great warrior he really was?
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i've got an even crazier idea... not gonna bother trying to put it into any kind of story plot, but what if we got to fight some corrupted form of deckard? see what kind of great warrior he really was?

That could be a good idea, but Blizzards ALWAYS in Diablo is up to set in the game a some sad situations with poetic justice... For one time in that saga, i hope to see "one of the bad guys (a corrupted Deckard Cain, for example)" get away without repercussions from you. On the other hand, if any other character is able to punish him after your combat... well... i think that would be nice for the lore. I wish i were able to play some unpredictable quest in the future with 0 cliche characters (Azmodan, Belial, Diablo are THE SAME voice actor and there is not difference between any of those demons... Only Baal seems to be different from the others main demons...)
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what about leah's soul going to hell, then you have to get it back and meet a rogue demon lord, and of course the witch.

act 1- finding way to hell and destroying last demons on world.

act 2-find way into hell, rescue soul, defeat last bosses in hell, chase demon lord out.

act 3-defeat the demon lord along with everyone else ironically at Tristam.

also surprise plot that the ceasefire in sin war was sealed at Tristam.

plz expand on that.
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Story idea!

The hero awakes from his/her room at the inn to the sounds and shrieks of death in the bar below. The hero rushes downstairs to find that it's bandits/ or rogue barbarian tribes (either will be referred to as raiders for the rest of the piece) ransacking the place for the building up of their new bandit/ or barb "nation" or "kingdom". After rescuing the inn, the hero sees one of the raiders on the verge of the death....and with a dramatic last dying breath the raider refuses to say "who sent him/her".

Act 1

Snowy Mountains (with random avalanches and an environment that fights against the hero as well as the wildlife and ambushing raiders)

The hero, with his or her tracking skills, follows the path the raiders took and it leads them to Mount X (I don't know an appropriate name because I'm not lore savvy so please bear with me). The hero(es) traverse the treacherous mountain path and eventually come across a hidden path made in the snowy mountain that leads to a fortress? stronghold? deep under the mountain itself, in fact it's an entire city! Shortly after the heroes' revelations about what they have just discovered, they are "knocked over the head/ screen goes black" and now they are imprisoned by the leader of the raiders who is possessed by either a demon or a now corrupted imperius.

Someone continue an Act 2!
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