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Enchantress AI Needs Improvement.

Originally I had "Droolingly Stupid" instead of "Needs Improvement".

The enchantress (who has an awful lot of Intel gear) is frighteningly stupid.

She regularly blows all three of her fairly long cooldowns on the first lone skeleton she sees.

Fifteen seconds later I will invariably run across a champion pack, and hey, no help from my pretty lady friend.

I was initially excited to try speccing her CC, since previously i had only used her armor + damage skills. (they were on shorter CD's and had immediate effect).

Her use of the arcane pools was poor though, and the 3% attack speed so small it makes no visible difference at all. Her 10 sec aoe damage wasn't terrible (taking a visible portion of health from normal monsters if she has great gear) but doesn't add much, just like the other follower's dps.

Her CC abilities look great, and function well when she uses them, but her timing and choices
are soooo bad. She usually spots and enemy 30 yards out, then proceeds to immediately toss
her hex globe onto me ... before i can even get close to the monster .. rendering her longest (60 second) cooldown super skill ability completely useless.

She also regularly MC's and Disorients the first thing she sees as soon as the cooldown is up, which is often times a single skeleton.

I understand that Blizzard didn't want to have followers be great, but at least they could not drool on themselves?

The coding to use certain abilities when ....

A. - A given number of monsters are surrounding your character, or

B. - A Champion or Unique monster is engaging your character

... shouldn't be that hard, and wouldn't really be game breaking.

As it stands now for my melee characters i have a choice of:

1. Take the Templar and spec him stuns, while gearing him for heals.

2. Take the Enchantress and pick her Armor or Missile reflect (whichever you prefer) and randomly toss darts at a pie chart to select her other abilities.

3. Laugh and point at the Scoundrel and take no one at all.

Lastly, am I missing something? Is there some part of follower design I'm not getting, and they really do function well? Granted .. I like the armor buff the 'Tress gives me, but since Blizzard gave her these neat abilities, you'd think they might also give her a clue what to do with them.

Comments (instructional) and Criticisms (constructive) welocme. Thanks all.

TLDR; I do not include TLDR in my posts. If you can't be bothered to read like an adult, I don't
want your opinion anyway.
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Yeah, she is pretty dumb. I remember at least 3 occasions where she went strait for a treasure demon while there were packs all around.
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05/29/2012 03:42 AMPosted by Eudaimonia
Yeah, she is pretty dumb. I remember at least 3 occasions where she went strait for a treasure demon while there were packs all around.

All the followers do that, there could be the most BA champion ever and they run straight for that little Troll! Also when you get 40k dps 3% IAS gives you a crap load more damage. IMO this is epic for Inferno Act 1-2 as a DH running 37k w/o crit buff. I can keal everything faster you say, why not pertty lady you can come along!
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90 Goblin Mage
Also using the 3% buff on my wizard, it's worth around 1k+ dps depending on the build I'm using ( ranges from 33k dps to 62k )
I might try the mass hex, but really not expecting much from what everyone says about her AI
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I posted this in General as well and someone brought up a good point.

The witch doctor's Gargantuan has a rune that causes the Garg to enrage @ Champs / Uniques
and Bosses.

This could easily be implemented for followers; some of their skills could be triggered in similar fashion.

So basically the summoned undead, stitched together minion is smarter than the ancient, prophet taught, creates her own spells enchantress.

GG Blizz.
Edited by Margin#1684 on 5/29/2012 5:09 PM PDT
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Good point OP. I can only hope this suggestion gets passed to the developers. They'd have more time to focus on good posts like this if the general forum wasn't getting bombarded with the blubbering drivel that it is.
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- Diablo III
Maybe she is meant to be a little on the dumb side? Have you experienced her dialogue and how oblivious and whimsical she is?
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the templar is in love with her!
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