Diablo® III

FPS Stuttering/Sluggish Graphics-Temp Fix

If you are using a laptop and have the issue of 5 minutes of normal FPS then very sluggish low FPS, or are just having sluggish FPS in general with a decent spec'd computer.

1. Make sure your background processes are not hogging your CPU/RAM
(Advanced Users) Check your msconfig

2. Make sure your sound/video drivers are up to date

3. Go to CNET and search for 'Process Lasso' and download it (I can't provide links to a 3rd party program, you have to find it yourself)
a. Once installed find 'DiabloIII.exe' and right-click it and change Set Current Priority Class to 'Real Time'
b. You might receive a notification telling you that your PC will automatically change this setting to something lower if it needs to. Hit ok.

4. Boot up the game, run it without sound if possible. Running it with sound seems to cause more stuttering, but should still be playable.

Hope this helps
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I'm not seeing the change priority to 'real time' once you right click the exe
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It's called Set Current Priority Class. I will update my original post. Also make sure that you are right clicking the DiabloIII.exe on the top part of the program, not the bottom part.
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Ah I see it now my mistake. Logging in now to see how this works.
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Ok please let me know if it helps any
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Bump for anyone else that needs this
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I can't tell if this is trolling or not, You don't need a third party program to set cpu priority, just open the task manager (ctrl-shift-esc) and right click on the process to set priority....
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It may help some people but that still means there is a big problem with loading assets issue that Blizzard needs to fix.
Anyway my machine is running with most processes and services down, no aero, all combinations of settings and nothing, nothing really worked. I even turned sound off.
Beware of setting a process to real time priority as it may freeze your machine if you alt tab or other program on your background prompts
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I tried setting cpu priority with the default task manager and it did nothing. That's why I looked in the support forums for ideas. Someone mentioned this program and it worked.

Last night my laptop ran between 4-8FPS after playing for 5 minutes. After setting my priority to Real-Time (or High) I was able to play the game for 4 hours before I logged off for bed.
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