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Do Bosses drop random items or specific ones?

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I don't mean specific in saying that when you kill a boss it will ALWAYS drop one item. I mean like the way WoW works. For example... if I kill the Skeleton King, does he just drop completely random items, or is it more structured? Like below.

Item One - 50% Chance to drop
Item Two - 20%
Item Three - 20%
Item Four - 10%
... etc....

Just wondering if I should be hunting specific bosses/elites to try and get items like people do in WoW.
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thats a good question.. wondering this same thing. Is it worth doing re-runs on bosses to get a certain item?
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Yea, should I be doing Hard Skeleton King over and over if I want a certain weapon?
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I have been looking for this all day ha ha.
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I'm not sure about D3, but in D2 bosses could drop just about any item, and the individual chance for a boss to drop a specific item is very small, as in 1% or less. Your best bet to get a certain item is going to be trading. Just keep plowing through the game and you might get lucky, or you might find some other item you can trade for it.
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Pretty sure loot tables are randomized, but I could be wrong...
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05/16/2012 09:51 AMPosted by Deaded
Pretty sure loot tables are randomized, but I could be wrong...
You are right
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In D2 you could get any item from any enemy (corresponding to difficulty obviously), but some bosses/unique monsters, had a tendency to drop certain items more often, which was more due to the monster level corresponding to the item level. They did say somewhere though that your odds are actually better in D3 if you don't just do runs and actually play through full areas/whole game over and over again. Time to go looting everywhere!
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Just to confirm, the last three posters have it right. Bosses don't have specific loot tables. All monsters of the same level pull from the same loot table, but champs, bosses, etc have a higher chance of dropping higher quality.
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it's not like WoW, you will not have to hunt a monster to get your belt. however there will always be some monster who have better odds for a certain item.

only nilathik, baal and diablo can drop a pestilent sc in D2LoD patch 1.10+
(175 poision/6 second preffix) which ever you could run fastest

there are had been tranches in d2, where you could only get the elite grade item types of certain qlvl from mlvl+ monsters..the chances for drops to roll Hhigher Treasure class tapered so that getting them was more selective
for instance, how many monsters in d2 dropped hydra bows??? ...and those who didn't spawn a failed unique version with 3x durability?

so yes, there might be some of this going on, in inferno most likely
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So basically, the best possible drop rate will be on the Act 4 boss (dunno who it is, don't spoil)?
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05/16/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Daco
So basically, the best possible drop rate will be on the Act 4 boss (dunno who it is, don't spoil)?
Maybe, maybe not. There may be particular bosses that have great magic item drop rates that are, for example, half way through act 3 or so. However, in general, yeah, higher level and/or difficulty translates to better loot.
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The most frustrating thing about this game is the loot. Like many others I suppose I decided the end game bosses would drop better items (not going to spoil for those who aren't there yet by naming anything). But alas I was wrong on the approach to the last boss a unique item dropped in normal mode. This had me excited for the possible loot options after downing said boss all that dropped was a crappy 1hand crossbow (magic) but still lame in comparison to the drop from the champion mob 5minutes before hand.
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In addition to drops from bosses being randomized, I believe that boss kills in normal - hell mode are set so that your first kill of that boss has a higher chance of Rare quality items. Beyond the first kill of that boss your chances of rare quality items are normalized along the lines of other rare and elite mobs.

Please correct me if this is not the case.
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