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LOL, other dev's trolling Blizzard.

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EVE dev's didn't just launch the biggest game this year, so, yeah.
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I love that EVE is able to cause tears even in entirely unrelated gaming communities.
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ITT: People who have never played Eve hate on Eve.
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In WoW people give you cookies and help you... in Eve we take your cookie, slap you in the face and kill you...

I quit WoW for a more challenging game and let me tell you, EvE is not for the idiots.. well some idiots manage to get through but we scam them of everything they have so its all good.
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05/17/2012 12:36 AMPosted by Boomer
EVE dev's didn't just launch the biggest game this year, so, yeah.

Maybe not for PC, but they are going to launch one of the biggest games for PS3. (Dust514)

I played WoW for many years before I realized just how tired I was of all the 12 year olds and retards, and decided to quit for EVE online. At first I was like you guys, "EVE Online is a bad game" and quit a couple of times, but after a while I overcame the learning curve, and now I have no intentions of leaving EVE again.

It might be slow sometimes, but when you actually step up and make something happen, it's nothing but awesome.
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eve is bad

the joke was funny, but it doesn't make the game any better

dust514 will not be one of the biggest ps3 titles

eve is bad

D3 servers back up in 30min
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05/16/2012 09:14 AMPosted by TheMiracle
looks like they were playing d3 also!!

major bump, how else would they know besides going to diablo3.com or trying to login? ^-^.
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I play Diablo 3 while logged into EVE. Not sure why so many people in here are so butthurt over a little bit of poking fun between developers. I find the ignorance about EVE rather humorous. EVE has had 50k accounts all logged in on the same server. I don't see anybody else doing that. EVE has also had hundreds and thousands of people fighting each other at the same time in PVP. Who else is doing that?

Well...I love EVE and will never quit playing. I also enjoy Diablo 3 and will play it for a long time.

I also don't blame Blizzard for having server issues. Name one game that did not at launch.
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lol awesome
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EVE, the only game whose meta game is so huge it trolls over the people who don't even play it :P

(hai from an EVE player that was directed here to view lolzy tears. I'd like to point out that I have only used spreadsheets maybe 3 times out of 3 and a half years of EVE; only the marketeers and manufacturers really do that.

EVE's the only game where !@#$ like this can happen http://cdn1.eveonline.com/www/newssystem/media/3131/3433/QVH0m.jpg (every one of those boxes is a player) and we do have some pretty awesome graphics (this is new missiles on the test server, the whole video is stitched together gameplay :P) http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/vDFnkLQa_UM&hd=1 )

Btw if anyone is interested here is our own thread loling at the login screen https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=109698 .....gotta love our devs' sense of humor xD
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All these mad kids would cry if they tried to play EVE. Delicious casual tears as they asked a GM to get their gear back because someone stole it.

On that note, I am off to go rob someones mining barge or transport ship so I can get more FREE game time.

In the meantime, have fun buying exclusive mounts and pets.. pffthahaha.
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05/17/2012 09:03 PMPosted by CazyBeast
In the meantime, have fun buying exclusive mounts and pets.. pffthahaha.

You've got the wrong game there, slick. WoW forums are on the other side.
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Of course if anyone is interested in trying out PvP Internet spreadsheets, any of the EVE players in this thread will be happy to send you a 21 day trial invite :)

After all, you can't really say a game sucks until you have tried it and found it wanting.

For this week, my corporation is dead because everyone is busy playing demon hunters in Diablo 3 … though I suspect Error 37 is due to there not being enough demons (see what I did there)
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Lol, that was really funny indeed
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i saw it as well and laughed so hard :)

And for the people complaining .. calm down. CCP makes fun of themselves all the time as well so it isnt like they are stuck up .. unlike some....
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In after a million "Excel spreadsheet" jokes.
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