Installed the game this morning, played 3 classes to lvl 5 then went to lunch. I come back and now it says it needs to update files. OK no problem.
Files completely update, i hit play and nothing happens.
I close the launcher because of inactivity and start diablo3.exe.....nothing happens.
I then click launcher.exe and the launcher loads but does nothing except state that "Updating blizzard launcher [0%]".

I am now on my 5th time downloading the "update files".

Looking in Task Manager and i have 2 blilzzard Launcers running along with 1 agent.

After reading most of the related threads, i just feel the need to start another. This is sad. I am not mad, just utterly perplexed that I cant even get to the loading screen. lol, thats bad.

Just in: game finally got to log in screen. I guess the 5th time was the charm.......