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n00b - How to Kill Skeleton King

Is there a strategy to follow? Mt character has died more than I can even count. And every time my character dies, i go back to the beginning checkpoint and any damage I have inflicted on the SK is gone.
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Ooops, sorry, wrong forum. but if any one can answer...
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What class are you playing? SK is very kitable, meaning you can run around the room and do damage to him before he can get close. Wizard/Witch Doctor/Demon Hunter can do this well.

If you're playing a Monk, try using more defensive skills, as well 100 fists (if you have it yet)

I've never played a barb, but i'd say just tank it. You shouldn't have too much trouble if it's normal mode, just use your abilities/health potions if you get low

Lastly, this is in the completely wrong forum! =p!
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85 Gnome Warlock
as a barb you need to have the right spells ready stun is good jump is useless
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76 Undead Death Knight
Wrong forum.

Don't tank him as a barb, unless you have about 10 health potions.

If your going to try it though, make sure that bash is clobber.
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Ok I play as a Barb and it wasn't exactly a hard fight. You just have to stay aware when he is about to throw his hard attacks down(melee). Any ranged player just kite them(attack run attack run. Rinse and repeat.)
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u dont get hundred fists till the end of act 1
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Just remember to run away when he starts to do the 'whirlwind attack with his axe'. That's the most hard-hitting spells for me.
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as a Barb: depending on your gear you can just tank him, but try to keep rend up and avoid his semi-phased combo, other then that just beat the hell out of him. when he spawns minions stomp and rend them as well for health globes. then back to beating him.
as a Wiz: frost beam him and frost nova when he gets too close. shock the minions with the explode rune if you got it for health globes, and if you can use the passive that gives you arcane for pick up globes.
these worked for me not certain that they will work for you but if you keep getting killed give them a go.
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90 Draenei Priest
If you need help, I can join a game with you.
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^^^This is my BATTLETAG, add me if you need help
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Thanks guys. Again apologies for asking the question in the wring forum.
Anyway, I was playing the Barb and I did defeat SK. I just run away when he gets ready to attack and then attack his minions to get more health bulbs. The Paladin was a good help, too. I am now in the Chamber of Queen Araneae.

I'm playing stop and go so kinda slow progress.

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Sounds like you needed some better gear IMO. Didn't need pots or anything on SK, just tanked him, not even his combo's came close to killing me.

Pick up every drop, port into town when ur bag is full and sell it all. Should be able to purchase full rare gear in the AH no problem.

Most of the time you can get good rare good for less then 2k gold, just gotta look.
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90 Troll Druid
hehe wow this is the first thread that i've seen where people are ACTUALLY nice :) so refreshing :D but yeah as DH at first i thought i was screwed because i was taking so much damage. but then when the adds came in i killed them for the health drops :) was very helpful, so i would say as barbarian try to stun the Skeleton King as well as those adds if possible and then just destroy the adds, get health back, profit :3
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yea i beat him my first time with my wizard, just pretty much ran around freezing his butt off than killing him off with ez!
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I struggled twice trying to kill Leoric. My hero is Wizard Lvl 11 with Fire meteor as primary and Frost as secondary. Also have Wave and Diamondskin. Realised after first two battles, that there was no way to beat him. Re-did completed quests to get to Lvl 12. Returned to Crypt and beat him with some ease. Fought in bottom LHS corner near stairs.
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most simple way is train ur char to lvl 30 then will kill it like ant.
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hehe i killed SK with my wizard and he did t touch me once
and that in norm and nm :P
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05/16/2012 06:52 PMPosted by Oshiego
Just remember to run away when he starts to do the 'whirlwind attack with his axe'. That's the most hard-hitting spells for me.


It's a three swing attack. Make sure you are out of reach when he does it. Kill the mobs he spawns as well.
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