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What moves do you use the most?

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Only been in Nightmare for half of Act I but I've been using:

LClick - Bola Shot + Volatile Explosives
RClick - Entangling Shot + Chain Gang
1 - Rapid Fire + Fire Support
2 - Multishot + Fire at Will
3 - Sentry + Spitfire Turret
4 - Companion + Spider Companion

-Steady Aim
-Cull the Weak

I'm building towards a homing rocket theme just because that seemed suitably ridiculous. I did not expect how much I would like Bola Shot though, the damage output is kind of crazy compared to the other generators IMO. Plus I can Bola Shot > Entangling Shot and the snare hits RIGHT before the Bola explodes for the bonus Cull the Weak damage.

And I tried Ball Lightning but the AOE is really narrow and it moves so slow, Multishot is much more satisfying in the way it just drops a room of enemies instantly.
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100 Tauren Druid
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Second last bump, i just cleared Act 1 Hell mode and found it to be pretty damn difficult, so im trying to figure out how to improve my damage so now im looking to see what other Hell players are using (50+)

L - Hungering Arrow + Spray of Teeth (not really sure why spray of teeth i havent noticed it doing anything yet)
R - Elemental Arrow + Ball Lightning (i tried frost arrow and even with cull it does the same amount of damage if not less then ball lightning but it hits alot less targets)
1 - Caltrops + Torturous Ground (for kitting champion mobs)
2 - Sentry + Aid Station (for group healing)
3 - Companion + Bat
4 - Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog (a MUST for demon hunter imo, instant threat drop + invulnerable to damage for 4 seconds? yes please!)

Steady Aim
Night Stalker

P.s my damage is 3300, whats yours?
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